Unnecessary Quotation Marks

Reads: "no" use of pool is allowed after dark

Reads: Beware of "dog"

Reads: "bees" active in this "area"

Reads: Employee must "wash hands"

Reads: The "last" person who leaves "don't forget" to lock the door

Reads: "Watch" for pedestrians

Reads: "no parts" sold

Reads: "cheese" burgers

Reads: "restrooms" are located on the other side of the building

Reads: piano "for" sale

Reads: Professional "massage."

Reads: please maintain "security" by closing the door

Reads: "eggs" are now located...

reads: no "glass"

Reads: maximum number of people in the lecture room is "300"

Reads: "it's a small world"

Reads: "no public restrooms"

Reads: assorted "umbrellas"

"security guard"


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