Unnecessary Apostrophes

Reads: Uncle Al Welcome's You

Reads: Perfection has it's price

Reads: Now open for breakfast Saturday's and Sunday's

Reads: We'are open

Reads: My cat let's me live here

Reads: Early bird get's the right size

Reads: i'ts worth finding

Reads: Hot Dog's

Reads: One of the best of mother's

Reads: "sorry no refill's"

Reads: Professional Sign's & lettering

Reads: Keep dog's away

Reads: Open sunday's

Reads: parking bay's suspended

Reads: The cat and it's housekeeper live here

Reads: Notice to all parent's guardian's...

Reads: Ladie's

Reads: Attention employee's. Do not make personal call's.

Reads: Pizza's

Reads: access restricted saturday's only


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