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Dissertation Proofreading FAQ

Why are dissertation editing services important?

Writing a dissertation requires extensive research, critical thinking, and the ability to articulate your ideas effectively. However, even the most proficient writers can overlook errors or inconsistencies in their work. This is where professional editing services for dissertations and academic writing play a vital role. They provide an extra set of eyes to thoroughly review your work, ensuring that it is free from grammatical errors, structural inconsistencies, and other issues that may undermine the clarity and quality of your writing.

How can proofreading and editing services improve your dissertation?

Enhancing language and grammar

Editing services focus on improving the language and grammar of your dissertation. They ensure that your sentences are grammatically correct, properly punctuated, and follow the appropriate writing style guide. By eliminating language errors, improving sentence structure, and enhancing the overall readability of your work, editing services help you ensure your academic writing conveys your ideas more effectively.

Ensuring coherence and flow

One of the challenges in writing a dissertation is maintaining a coherent flow of ideas throughout the document. Editors review your work to ensure that your arguments are logically presented and that there is a smooth transition between paragraphs and sections. They help you organize your thoughts in a way that is clear, concise, and easy to follow.

Improving structure and formatting

Dissertation editing services also focus on the structure and formatting of your document. They ensure that your dissertation follows the required formatting guidelines, including headings, citations, and references. Additionally, editors can provide suggestions on restructuring your chapters or sections to improve the overall style, organization and readability of your work.

What does dissertation editing and proofreading involve?

The process of dissertation editing typically involves the following steps:

1. Initial assessment

Upon submitting your dissertation for editing, a professional editor will conduct an initial assessment to understand your specific requirements. They consider factors such as word count, subject area, and turnaround time.

2. Language and grammar review

One of our dissertation editors will conduct a thorough review of your dissertation, focusing on language, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. They correct errors, ensure technical accuracy, and provide suggestions for improving sentence structure and clarity.

Structural and organizational review

In this step, the dissertation proofreader will examine the overall structure and organization of your dissertation. They ensure that your arguments flow logically and that the chapters and sections are properly linked. They may suggest reordering or restructuring certain parts for better coherence and improved style.

Formatting and citations

Editors verify that your dissertation adheres to the required formatting guidelines, including the correct use of headings, citations, and references. They ensure consistency throughout the document and provide recommendations for improvement if needed.

The whole editing service can be complete within 24 hours (12 hours if your dissertation is under 8,000 words).

There are loads of dissertation proofreading companies out there. What makes Vappingo so special?

There are many online proofreading companies available. However, they are not all created equal when it comes to proofreading dissertations. Vappingo was one of the first online dissertation editing services to launch. In fact, we have been in operation since 2009. Many alternative providers and come and gone since then, but we have continued to refine our expertise and enhance our services. Many of the online providers that are available outsource their work to non-native editors and proofreaders. We wouldn’t dream of doing that. Our editors have been born and raised speaking the English language and are true grammar experts. Finally, we are one of the few services to put our money where our mouth is. We’re so confident you’ll be happy with our service that we offer a money-back guarantee.

Do universities allow students to use proofreading and editing services for their dissertations and academic writing?

The short answer is yes. The majority of universities worldwide allow, and even encourage, students to use professional dissertation proofreaders. Generally, the university will have a policy in place that provides details about the extent of editorial assistance you can access. Our proofreaders are well versed in what services are permitted and what level of help breaks the rules. We ensure we remain within the realms of what is permissible so you can submit your final academic document, dissertation or thesis with pride and confidence. If your university has specific requirements related to dissertation proofreading allowances, simply include them with your order, and our proofreaders will be sure to toe the line.

What are the academic backgrounds and specialisations of your proofreaders?

All our proofreaders are native-English speakers who have a minimum of a degree in their subject of expertise. Many are educated to PhD level. We are carefully selected our editors and proofreaders to ensure we can serve students from a vast array of backgrounds. As such, you can rest assured that we’ll be able to help you refine your dissertation or academic document and maximise your chance of success.

Do you provide samples of your dissertation proofreading and editing services?

Sure. You can find further details and request a sample edit here: Sample link

How can I tell what changes the proofreader has made to my dissertation?

Once all the mistakes, word choice, and formatting issues have been fixed in your dissertation, within 12-24 hours, you will receive two files: One tracked file with all the changes highlighted, and a second file with all changes accepted that is ready for publication. It really is that hassle free!