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Affordable native-English rewriting services

Rewriting documents can be time-consuming, dull and challenging. Automated rewriting solutions require significant data input and often result in meaningless text that is nothing short of incoherent.

Get rewriting services at affordable rates from the web's best online paraphrasing and rewriting service now.

All documents are expertly rewritten by native English writers, giving you professional quality paraphrasing services that echo your unique voice while avoiding duplicate content issues.

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Whatever your needs, we can help

We can rewrite anything

With a ten-year track record of success, you can trust us with all your rewriting needs.

Our editors and writers will take any written text and transform it so the message remains exactly the same, but the words are completely different.

Whether you're looking to give your own essays the edge, avoid duplicate content issues, create unique product descriptions that search engines love or rewrite articles, you can take the easy way with Vappingo.

The Internet's best online rewriters

A rewriting service that has your needs in mind

Get professional content

We never use software to "spin" text. Our rewriting services are provided by native English writers, giving you the highest quality content only skilled human writers can offer.

Publish with confidence

Our rewriting services result in professional documents that are guaranteed to be plagiarism free and Copyscape approved.

Pay only for what you need

Paraphrasing from just $11.25 per page. There are absolutely no hidden fees, no minimum charges, and no commitments; the price you are quoted is the price you pay.

Order safely and securely

With our advanced multi-layer security system and full confidentiality agreement, you can place an order safe in the knowledge that your information will never be shared.

We'll protect your interests

We promise to keep all your details fully confidential at all times. We never share your information with external agencies.

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Professional rewriters are available around the clock no matter where in the world you are. You can check the status of your order or get in touch with your writer at any time.

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Rewriting Services Testimonials

People love us for a reason


Thank you, Emma. Your work is excellent & you were able to capture the feeling & ideas I had on my mind. Best wishes, Celina

Celina | Certified Trustpilot Review

Awesome job!

It is excellent! Thank you very much! It's not the first time I use your company and definitely not the last one!

Julie Croft | Certified Online Review

Better than anything I could have done

The editor has produced copy for my website that really reflects my brand. It's better than anything I could have done.

Louisiana | Pink Boutique

Way beyond expectations

It is actually better than the original. You've worked miracles.

Anonymous Trustpilot Review

Really Good Service

I have been using Vappingo for three year and am very happy. Great service and results (thanks very much Emma!)

John Chan | Certified Trustpilot Review

Will hire again...

My go-to place for content, fact. Cheers buddy!

Certified Trustpilot Review
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Click "Order now" and choose the rewriting service from the simple drop-down menus. The price for rewriting your text will be calculated instantly.

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Pay in seconds. We use SSL technology to protect you—the same security that banks use. The information you provide is fully confidential.

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Your document will be fully rewritten in as little as 24 hours. You can contact your rewriter and ask for some changes if the final text needs some refinement.

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Professional native-English writers

We are qualified English experts

Unlike many online rewriting service providers, we only hire native-English speakers who are grammar experts. Our writers all have a degree in their subject of expertise and are highly talented copy writers. Many of Vappingo's team members are members of professional bodies, including the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (formerly the Society for Editors and Proofreaders [SfEP]).

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We charge our services on a per-word basis, meaning there's no nasty surprises!

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You can log in to Your Vappingo at any time to drop your writer a line. If we need to clarify any requirements, we'll be in touch.

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Own the full rights to the rewritten text

Publish with confidence

After we have completed the rewriting process, you will receive a unique document that is yours to keep and use as you wish.

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Fast. Reliable. Affordable.

How much does paraphrasing cost?

Our paraphrasing and rewriting services are available for a transparent, per-word rate.

As we have clients across the world, we offer our services is a standard universal currency (USD). However, we process all payments via the secure PayPal banking system; as such, we accept all recognized currencies.

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Rewriting Services FAQ

Questions about paraphrasing

What is a paraphrasing service? How can it help me?

Paraphrasing, or rewriting, involves reading a paragraph and subsequently presenting the main ideas using your own words while also acknowledging where the information came from. By using your own words, you demonstrate your understanding of the material and ability to convey your comprehension. As such, it is a critical academic skill. You can read more about paraphrasing in our guide to how to paraphrase

Do you rewrite essays and other academic documents?

Sometimes, we are approached by scholars and students who wish to have their own academic files rewritten. Typically, this is because the file has already been published in one location and they are seeking a unique version for publication elsewhere. If you own the rights to the original file, we can rewrite the paper.

Is my confidentiality assured when I use your services?

We guarantee your confidentiality and do not share your files or data with any third parties. You can read more about our dedication to ensuring your information is protected at all times in our confidentiality agreement.Do article spinners work?

How long does it take to rewrite a document?

We offer a 24/7 rewriting service and can accept orders from anywhere in the world at any time. We can return rewritten files in as little as 12 hours (depending on the number of words involved).

Are paraphasing and rewriting cheating?

Having the ability to paraphrase text and readings is a fundamental academic skill. Paraphrasing involves summarizing the ideas or data presented in the original source using your own words. All scholars paraphrase the work of others—be it when producing a literature review or drawing comparisons between their research findings and those of previous studies. Paraphrasing is not cheating providing you are not attempting to pass the work of others off as your own. To avoid any confusion, ensure that you fully cite the source of any material you have rewritten.

Is paraphasing legal? Or is it acceptable?

Sometimes, you will find some information online or in a book that is relevant to your work. In these cases, you may wish to directly reference the source or paraphrase it using your own words. Providing you restate the paragraph or section of interest in your own words and accurately cite the source, you are not doing anything illegal. It is a professional and academic courtesy to ensure you reference any material or scholarly papers you have paraphrased.

Can I use an automated rewriting tool? Do they work?

Rewriting tools and software do not work. There are many reasons as to why they can not effectively rewrite a given paragraph or section of text. Don’t just take our word for it; we have tested the most popular paraphrasing tools. See the results for yourself: Do rewriting tools work?

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