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Online Editing Services FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How do you protect my confidentiality?

We do not make any claim on your copyright, and we fully guarantee your confidentiality. Our system is protected and encrypted using the same technology banks use to protect their websites.
As such, you can rest assured that your details and documents are safe and secure. You can read more in our privacy policy.

Do you have editors who know UK English, Australian English, US English, and/or Canadian English?

We have editors all over the world and staff expertise spanning all major English conventions. When you place an order, simply specify what English conventions you require your document edited to, and we will handle the rest.

I do not have a PayPal account. Do you offer an alternative payment system?

We currently accept payments via Stripe, PayPal, and direct bank transfer. Please note that payments made via PayPal may result in a slight delay to the order process as we can not commence editing or proofreading until receipt of payment has been confirmed.

Can I get a discount?

We do not currently offer any discounts. Instead, we prefer to offer all our customers the same transparent per-word fee.

How can I get a quotation?

We offer a transparent pricing system that is based on the number of words in the source file and the turnaround time. You can generate a free instant quote here: Proofreading rates.

Can you expedite my order? I need it urgently.

Sadly, we are unable to expedite any orders. Our editors deal with the orders within a queue-based system in accordance with your selected turnaround time. We are unable to treat any one customer’s order as a priority over another’s.

Do you use human editors or do you use computers?

Since our inception in 2009, we have gradually built a team of qualified human editors and proofreaders. Every file is manually edited by a minimum of one native-English editor.

Do you work weekends and evenings? What hours are you available?

Our web site is open for orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our editing professionals are based all over the world, so we always have someone available, no matter what timezone you're in.
Our support team is available between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. (GMT) seven days a week. We aim to respond to emails within 8 hours; however, you can typically expect a much faster response.

In what format will I receive the edited documents?

All documents are delivered electronically to the customer in Word Rich Text Format, double line spaced, Times New Roman unless the customer has explicitly requested an alternative format.

Do you offer refunds?

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the service you received, after a revision process, we will refund any money you have paid. Refund requests must be made within thirty (30) days of receiving the completed order. In the event that you request and receive a refund, all documents generated via the process will be the sole property of Vappingo and you will be unable to use them in the form in which they were provided to you by your editor.

Further details of the revision and refund processes can be found in our terms and conditions.

How secure is the transaction process? What do you do with my data?

All of our payment processing is performed via a third party called Paypal.

Paypal is an extremely secure payment system that uses data encryption in order to prevent any fraud. They guarantee all payments made via their system.

Vappingo only requests information that is required for business or legal purposes. We will never collect or store your information without your permission. Any anonymous visitors to the Vappingo site will remain anonymous and Vappingo will take no action to attempt to identify them. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

Why do you refuse to provide academic writing services?

While we are happy to proofread or edit academic essays and papers, we will reject any orders for a full writing service for these products. We consider ourselves an ethical and moral company and we do not wish to engage in practices that may negatively impact our customer’s academic integrity.

Who owns the rights to the final document or any material produced by your editors?

When you are use Vappingo’s services you hire a writer on a “work for hire” basis. This means that the final document becomes your property once paid for. In the unlikely event that you have used Vappingo’s services but have requested a refund, you cannot use the document in the final form you received from Vappingo, as it will remain our property. Please see the terms and conditions for more information.

Will you agree to a confidentiality agreement?

We respect our customer’s privacy at all times and have a full privacy policy in place. Further details can be seen here.

How can I contact the editor who is working on my order?

Once you have logged into the system and located your order within the “Your Vappingo” section of our website you can make contact with your assigned editor via the messaging system. If you experience any difficulties in contacting your editor, you should inform support immediately using the Contact us page.

Our editors are happy to hear from you at any time and will always endeavor to respond quickly.

How can I request revisions for my order?

We take customer satisfaction very seriously and we do not wish you to pay for any orders that you are not completely happy with.

You can request a revision within seven (7) days of receiving the completed order via the Vappingo console. Once you have logged into your account you will find a list of completed orders in the "Completed" section. Locate the order for which you wish to request a revision and select the "Request Revision" option.

Please provide the editor with as much detail as possible when requesting a revision, as this will help them to ensure they meet your requirements.

We do not charge for any revisions requested within the seven (7) day time period. Please note that the revision process is strictly designed to help you work with the editor to refine the edited file. It does not extend to new content (in the form of new paragraphs or material) that was not in the original file.

How can I be confident that you will meet my deadline?

We will always endeavor to meet any deadlines set by our customers. We are a global operation, so this means that we have editors all over the world who can be working hard on your order while you attend to other things... such as sleeping. Our internal structure helps us to ensure we can meet all deadlines set by customers.

Vappingo's advanced customer management console allows you to track the progress of your order throughout the process. You can, therefore, check to make sure that an order is assigned to an editor and is in the process of being completed. The console also allows you to communicate with your editor or proofreader directly; they will be happy to hear from you at any time.

We hope that our easy-to-use system will give you the peace of mind you need to leave the hard work to us while you get on with other things.

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