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Academic proofreading makes all the difference

Vappingo is a simple way to perfect your written English, ensure your essays and papers are error-free, and improve your grades.

Access expert help from fully qualified native English editors and proofreaders who will correct all the mistakes in your essays and academic papers and tell you exactly what you need to do to improve your grades.

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Academic proofreading that makes perfect sense

All the prooofreading help you need. Right here.

What would you like to do?

  • Improve your grades
  • Ensure your written English is perfect
  • Publish an academic document with confidence
  • Get help with your writing from a native English speaker
  • Make sure your essay helps you to achieve your full potential
  • Maximize your free time

Academic proofreading on a whole new level

The Vappingo Difference

Academic expertise in line with university requirements

Benefit from expert assistance from native-English experts. In addition to correcting any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, our qualified professionals will ensure all academic style requirements are fully adhered to.

Unlimited revisions

Demand perfection. With Vappingo, you can request as many revisions as you like until you are fully satisfied with the proofread essay, thesis, dissertation, or research paper.

No confusing pricing structures

You can access expert proofreaders quickly and easily online without paying the earth. Our services are available for as little as $5.00 per page. Best of all, our transparent pricing structure means the price quoted is the price you pay.

Fully confidential and secure

We use the same security as banks to protect your data and information. All files are held in an ISO-certified database that can not be accessed by any third parties.

Don’t pay if you’re not happy

With Vappingo, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay for a substandard service. Our full money-back guarantee means you can ask for your money back if you are not satisfied with the proofreading service you receive.

Always available

Our 24/7 system and global team of proofreaders means that we always have someone on hand to help you—no matter how tight your deadline. You can use our unique Vappingo app to get in touch with your proofreader and inquire about the progress of your order at any time.

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We genuinely care about providing you with the service you deserve. We are extremely proud of our successful track record of thousands of positive reviews on our Vappingo system.

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quotation mark It isn't straightforward to publish a scientific article to a reputed peer-reviewed journal without proper proofreading, especially a review article in my case. Vappingo has helped me to overcome certain language obstacles. Right from the beginning until the end of my manuscript acceptance, they provided me with constant and valuable feedback in short notice.

Sankar KG
LUT University, Finland
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quotation mark Thank you so much for editing! I've just read the corrected paper and I'm very happy to see my thoughts expressed in a good English. It makes really a big difference. I am really satisfied with the quality and the good service. Thanks again!

Saudi Arabia
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I was skeptical about big company editing service online. But the edited job was actually beyond of my expectation!! 10 out 10, thank you so much for your help.

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Comprehensive editing help

Beyond mere proofreading

Vappingo can help you dramatically improve your theses, dissertations, essays, and research papers.

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Since 2009

Academic proofreading experts

Vappingo's simple online system allows you to order, track and manage your online proofreading and editing orders at any time.

Give it a try and you'll soon see why almost 35,100 customers have chosen Vappingo for all their proofreading needs.

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Proofreading services academics love

Confidentiality guaranteed

You can order now safe in the knowledge that your information and privacy is secure from prying eyes at all times and fully protected by law.

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Request unlimited revisions, contact your editor at any time via a simple messaging system and manage all your orders in one place.

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed

With a full money-back guarantee, you can order safe in the knowledge you won't have to pay for a substandard service you're not happy with.

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How much does academic proofreading cost?

Online proofreading services rates

Our academic proofreaders offer a simple, per-word rate for proofreading services.

Vappingo is fortunate to work with students from throughout the world. As such, we offer our services in a universal currency: USD. However, as we use the PayPal payment processing system, we can accept any currency.

24-hour academic proofreading
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48-hour academic proofreading
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72-hour academic proofreading
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*Your confidentiality is guaranteed for all orders.

Academic Proofreading FAQ

What types of documents are suitable for academic proofreading?

Our proofreaders can help refine any academic document. They are highly experienced in editing essays, theses, dissertations, research articles, brevia, assignments, academic papers, conference posters and presentations, and journal articles.

What does academic proofreading include?

Vappingo’s academic proofreading service extends beyond proofreading alone. We also offer the following:

  • Two versions of the edited manuscript: One with all tracked changes displayed and one with the proofreader’s suggested changes accepted and integrated into the final file.
  • A full and comprehensive check for any spelling, grammar, typological, or punctuation errors. All mistakes will be fixed for you.
  • Changes and advice on how you can enhance the structure, flow, and readability of your paper or essay.
  • A check against the style guide requirements of your target publication to ensure your file meets all formatting and presentation conditions.
  • Comments on areas that appear illogical or require further validation.

Is proofreading essays cheating?

No. Proofreading is not content writing or ghostwriting. Academic proofreaders do not make significant changes to your essay or dissertation or write content on your behalf. Proofreading for conventions of language, punctuation, spelling, grammar, and syntax is perfectly legitimate and has a long-established history in academia. In fact, around 80% of the people who use Vappingo’s academic proofreading services are professors and faculty members. The majority of universities have guidelines in place that clearly define what level of editing and proofreading students can access without venturing into dangerous territory. These regulations typically demarcate between legitimate editing and interference. Professors and editors alike prescribe to, and respect, these distinctions.

Will your proofreaders check my file again after I have reviewed your tracked version of the file?

We’d be happy to proofread later versions of your paper as part of our complimentary revision request service. Please note that you must submit any revision requests within seven days.

Do you check references and citations?

Yes. Our academic proofreaders can check the citations and references to ensure they are formatted and presented in line with your university’s style guide requirements (for instance, APA, Harvard, MLA, etc.). When you submit an order for academic proofreading services, please ensure you provide comprehensive details about your requirements.

Can you guarantee that I will achieve a high grade?

No. We cannot guarantee that you will achieve a specific grade as a result of engaging our proofreading team. Fundamentally, you are responsible for the ideas and concepts presented in your essay or manuscript. It is primarily these ideas on which you will be graded. Vappingo’s role is to deliver a high-quality proofreading service to ensure your final document is free of errors, easy to understand, and consistent. While the majority of customers will undoubtedly achieve better grades as a result of working with a proofreader. This is not something we can guarantee.

Enough said.

With a full money-back guarantee, unlimited revisions, and some of the best editors in the industry, you really do have nothing to lose.

Order now to benefit from the Vappingo experience for yourself.

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