The 15 Lamest Excuses for Spelling Mistakes on Facebook Ever Conceived

If you love nothing better than a laugh at other people’s mistakes, look no further than the world’s largest social network. Some of these people haven’t actually made a mistake, though; it seems they have an excuse for their esteemed ignoramus status. It matters not that these excuses are as ridiculous as a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat…

* Please note, this post contains some very strong language, look away now if you are easily offended.

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Picture of the number oneThe “o” on my keyboard is broken.

Text reads: "The 'o' on my keyboard is broken."


Picture of the number twoI am not Mrs. Punctual.

Says punctual and should be perfect


Picture of the number threeThe keyboard is too small.

Facebook user blames keyboard for spelling mistakes


Picture of the number fourI’m drunk and I am not looking at my spellcheck.

User blames the drink for her spelling mistakes


Picture of the number fiveIt doesn’t make any difference.

User claims that spelling mistakes on facebook don't make any difference


Picture of the number sixIt wasn’t me, it was the autocorrect.

Apparently, the Facebook mistake was caused by the autocorrect


It’s Facebook, not English class.

Facebook user believes spelling mistakes don't matter on Facebook


Picture of the number eightMy spelling is correct, you’re the idiot.

Misspelled "board
Facebook dyeing spelt wrong


Picture of the number nineI know how to spell, I just don’t try.

It’s not my fault.

Facebook spelling mistakes are not my fault

Picture of the number 11It was incorrect on the place I copied and pasted it from.

Reads: "it was wrong on the place I copied and pasted it from."

Picture of the number 12I wrote it that way on purpose.

Tattoo misspelling was apparently intentional according to this Facebook userFacebook spelling mistake was apparently on purpose

Picture of the number thirteenI’m not a teacher.

You need to be a teacher to spell correctly on Facebook

Picture of the number 14That’s how I always speel.

Facebook users claims that if you always "speel" things incorrectly then that's okay

Picture of the number fifteenI’m good at Math, not English.

Guy justifies facebook spelling mistake by claiming that he is better at math


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