150 Examples of Expository Essay Topics

In this comprehensive guide, we present a curated list of 150 examples of expository essay topics that span various domains of life and touch upon the most pressing social, political, and ethical issues of our time.

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Here are 150 examples of expository essay topics to elevate your expository essay writing to new heights. Remember, regardless of the type of essay you ultimately choose to write, you will benefit immensely from the services of professional essay editors.

150 Examples of Expository Essay Topics for 2024

10 Sample Expository Essay Topics on Social Issues

No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Sociology Gender Inequality How has the gender pay gap changed in the technology sector in the United States over the last 10 years?
2 Environmental Studies Climate Change Impacts What are the measurable effects of climate change on coastal urban populations in Southeast Asia since 2000?
3 Political Science Voter Suppression What specific methods of voter suppression were used in swing states during the 2020 U.S. presidential election?
4 Education Digital Divide How has the digital divide affected elementary education outcomes in rural versus urban areas in Brazil since 2015?
5 Health Studies Obesity Crisis What are the statistical changes in obesity rates among teenagers in Mexico from 2010 to 2020?
6 Economics Economic Impact of Immigration What has been the impact of recent immigration waves on small businesses in major European cities from 2015 to 2022?
7 Psychology Social Media and Mental Health How does daily social media usage impact the mental health of adolescents aged 12-18 in the UK?
8 Criminal Justice Police Brutality What trends in police brutality have been documented in urban centers of the United States over the past five years?
9 Cultural Studies Racial Stereotyping in Media How have racial stereotypes in prime time television evolved in the United States from 2000 to 2020?
10 Public Health Access to Healthcare How has access to healthcare services changed in rural areas of India since the implementation of the National Health Mission in 2013?

If you’re looking for more specific research ideas, take a look at our guide to great research topics.

10 Sample Expository Essay Topics on Education and Schooling

No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Educational Policy Standardized Testing How has the performance on standardized tests affected student admissions in public universities in Texas since 2015?
2 Educational Technology Online Learning Platforms What is the effectiveness of online learning platforms in improving math skills among middle school students in Canada during the 2021-2022 school year?
3 Special Education Inclusion Policies How have inclusion policies in European primary schools impacted the academic performance of students with disabilities from 2018 to 2023?
4 Educational Sociology Socioeconomic Status and Academic Success How does socioeconomic status influence the graduation rates in urban high schools in the United States as of 2020?
5 Higher Education Student Loan Debt What are the long-term effects of student loan debt on career choices among graduates from the last decade in the United States?
6 Early Childhood Education Play-Based Learning How does play-based learning affect cognitive development in preschool children in Australia?
7 Teacher Education Professional Development for Teachers What impact does ongoing professional development have on teacher effectiveness in urban schools in the UK from 2014 to 2024?
8 Educational Psychology Impact of Bullying on Learning How does being a victim of bullying affect the academic performance of high school students in South Korea?
9 Curriculum Studies STEM Curriculum Impact What impact has the introduction of STEM curricula had on female students’ performance in science subjects in New Zealand secondary schools since 2015?
10 Adult Education Barriers to Adult Learning What are the major barriers facing adults returning to education in rural areas of Brazil, and how have these changed from 2014 to 2024?

10 Sample Expository Essay Topics on Technology and The Internet

No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Information Technology Cybersecurity What are the most common types of cyber attacks experienced by small businesses in the US, and how have they evolved since 2018?
2 Digital Communication Social Media Influence How has social media influenced political opinions among teenagers in Sweden during the last election cycle?
3 Artificial Intelligence AI in Healthcare How effective is AI in diagnosing diseases compared to traditional methods in Canadian hospitals as of 2023?
4 Internet of Things IoT in Smart Homes What are the main privacy concerns for consumers using IoT devices in smart homes in Japan, and how have these concerns been addressed since 2020?
5 Digital Education E-learning Success Factors What factors contribute to the success of e-learning programs in developing countries, based on data from 2015-2022?
6 Media Studies Digital News Consumption How has digital news consumption affected newspaper sales in the United Kingdom from 2010 to 2023?
7 Software Development Agile vs. Waterfall What are the comparative impacts of Agile and Waterfall methodologies on project success rates in German software companies from 2014 to 2024?
8 Data Privacy Data Protection Laws How have data protection laws impacted user privacy on major social media platforms in the European Union since GDPR implementation in 2018?
9 Technology Ethics Ethical AI What ethical issues are raised by the use of AI in surveillance, and how have these been addressed by legislation in the US up to 2024?
10 Network Technology 5G Technology What has been the impact of 5G technology on mobile communication and data speeds in South Korea since its rollout in 2019?


10 Example Expository Essay Ideas for Health and Wellness

No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Public Health Vaccination Policies How have vaccination policies impacted measles rates among children in Brazil from 2010 to 2023?
2 Nutrition Impact of Vegan Diet What are the long-term health effects of a vegan diet on cardiovascular health in adults over a 10-year period?
3 Mental Health Teletherapy How effective is teletherapy compared to in-person therapy in treating anxiety disorders among adults in the US?
4 Exercise Science High-Intensity Interval Training What are the cardiovascular benefits of high-intensity interval training for individuals over 50 based on studies from 2015 to 2023?
5 Healthcare Management Hospital Readmission Rates What strategies have been most effective in reducing hospital readmission rates for cardiac patients in Canada since 2015?
6 Environmental Health Air Quality and Respiratory Health How has improving air quality in urban India impacted respiratory health outcomes from 2010 to 2023?
7 Substance Abuse Opioid Addiction Treatment What are the outcomes of medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction in rural America over the last decade?
8 Wellness and Lifestyle Impact of Meditation on Stress Relief How effective is daily meditation in reducing stress levels among corporate employees in Japan, based on data from the past five years?
9 Pediatric Health Childhood Obesity What factors have contributed to the rise in childhood obesity rates in Mexico, and what measures have proven effective since 2015?
10 Geriatric Health Dementia Care What are the best practices for enhancing the quality of life for dementia patients in European nursing homes as of 2023?

Each topic is designed to provide a deep dive into various aspects of health and wellness, exploring both challenges and innovations in managing and improving health across different populations and settings. These essay topics will facilitate detailed research and critical analysis in the field.

10 Examples of Politics and Government Expository Essay Topics

No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Political Theory Democracy vs. Authoritarianism How have democratic nations fared in economic growth compared to authoritarian regimes from 2000 to 2020?
2 International Relations Impact of Trade Wars What has been the economic impact of recent trade wars on small manufacturing businesses in the US since 2018?
3 Public Policy Gun Control Legislation How effective has recent gun control legislation been in reducing firearm-related crimes in Canada since its implementation in 2015?
4 Environmental Policy Climate Change Policies What are the measurable outcomes of the Paris Agreement on national carbon emissions among signatory countries since 2016?
5 Electoral Politics Voter Turnout What factors have significantly influenced voter turnout in the 2020 US presidential election compared to 2016?
6 Civil Rights LGBTQ+ Rights How have LGBTQ+ rights advancements in European Union countries affected public opinion and policy from 2010 to 2023?
7 Government Accountability Corruption in Government What measures have proven effective in reducing corruption within governmental institutions in Brazil since 2010?
8 Public Administration Public Health Initiatives How have public health initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic impacted healthcare accessibility in rural Indian communities?
9 Political Economy Economic Sanctions What have been the long-term economic impacts of sanctions on North Korea on its trade relationships with China since 2000?
10 Social Policy Immigration Reform How has immigration reform in 2013 affected the demographic and economic landscape of Germany as of 2023?

Each topic is focussed on significant aspects of politics and government, ranging from the effects of policy changes to the dynamics of political theory in practical scenarios. These topics provide a comprehensive starting point for detailed exploration and analysis in an expository essay, aiming to provide insights into how political mechanisms and government decisions shape societies.

10 Example Expository Essay Topics for Business and Economics


No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Business Strategy Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) How have CSR initiatives impacted the brand reputation and financial performance of Fortune 500 companies from 2015 to 2023?
2 International Economics Effects of Brexit on the UK Economy What specific economic sectors in the UK have been most affected by Brexit since 2016, and how?
3 Financial Markets Cryptocurrency Regulation What are the effects of major regulatory changes on cryptocurrency markets in the United States since 2018?
4 Labor Economics Telecommuting’s Impact on Productivity How has the shift to telecommuting during the COVID-19 pandemic affected productivity in the tech industry in the US?
5 Marketing Digital Marketing Trends Which digital marketing strategies have proven most effective for retail businesses in Europe over the past five years?
6 Entrepreneurship Startup Success Factors What are the key factors that determine the success of tech startups in Silicon Valley from 2010 to 2023?
7 Consumer Behavior Impact of Green Marketing on Consumer Choice How has green marketing influenced consumer purchasing decisions in the automotive industry in Germany since 2015?
8 Economic Policy Universal Basic Income (UBI) What have been the economic impacts of UBI trials on local economies in Canadian municipalities where they were conducted?
9 Corporate Finance Merger and Acquisition Outcomes What has been the success rate of mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry in the US during the last decade?
10 Organizational Behavior Workplace Diversity How does workplace diversity affect team performance and employee satisfaction within multinational corporations in Asia?


Each topic is designed to address key issues in business and economics, exploring how trends, policies, and strategic decisions influence markets, organizational behavior, and economic landscapes. These topics are well-suited for detailed research and analysis, providing a foundation for a thorough understanding and insightful conclusions in an expository essay.

10 Sample Topics for Expository Essays on Criminal Justice and Law

No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Criminal Law Death Penalty Reforms How have recent reforms in the death penalty laws affected crime rates in Texas since 2015?
2 Law Enforcement Use of Body Cameras What impact have body cameras had on police transparency and civilian complaints in New York City since their implementation in 2018?
3 Constitutional Law Freedom of Speech How have Supreme Court decisions regarding freedom of speech affected media practices in the United States over the last 20 years?
4 Juvenile Justice Rehabilitation vs. Punishment What are the long-term outcomes for juveniles subjected to rehabilitation programs versus punitive measures in California?
5 Legal Theory Impact of Legal Positivism How has legal positivism influenced legislation in European Union countries since the early 2000s?
6 Human Rights Law Refugee Rights What legal protections have been most effective in safeguarding the rights of refugees in Germany since the 2015 crisis?
7 Environmental Law Legislation on Plastic Use How has legislation aimed at reducing plastic use impacted environmental sustainability in Japan since 2010?
8 Criminal Psychology Psychological Profiling in Law Enforcement How effective has psychological profiling been in solving high-profile criminal cases in the UK since 2000?
9 Corporate Law Corporate Fraud What measures have proven most effective in detecting and prosecuting corporate fraud in the US financial sector since the 2008 financial crisis?
10 Intellectual Property Law Copyright Infringement What impact have recent changes in copyright law had on the music industry in the United States since the rise of streaming services in 2010?


Each topic provides a focused inquiry into specific areas of criminal justice and law, exploring the effects of legislation, enforcement practices, legal theories, and rights protections. These topics are designed for comprehensive research and analysis, suitable for developing an insightful expository essay that highlights critical aspects and trends within the field.

Ten Example Expository Essay Topics on Media and Entertainment

No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Media Studies The Impact of Streaming Services How have streaming services like Netflix and Hulu changed television viewing habits in the United States since 2010?
2 Entertainment Law Copyright Infringement in the Music Industry What are the legal and economic impacts of copyright infringement on musicians and producers in the European Union since 2015?
3 Digital Media Social Media and Political Campaigns How did social media influence the outcomes of the 2020 presidential election in the United States?
4 Film Studies Representation in Hollywood How has the representation of minority groups in Hollywood films changed since the implementation of diversity initiatives in 2015?
5 Journalism The Role of Investigative Journalism What role has investigative journalism played in uncovering political scandals in Brazil over the past decade?
6 Advertising Digital Advertising Trends What trends in digital advertising have emerged as most effective for consumer engagement since 2015?
7 Public Relations Crisis Management Strategies How have crisis management strategies evolved in the entertainment industry following high-profile scandals since 2010?
8 Cultural Studies The Global Influence of Korean Pop Culture How has Korean pop culture influenced youth fashion trends globally since 2010?
9 Music Industry The Economics of Music Streaming How has the shift to music streaming platforms affected the financial sustainability of mid-level artists from 2010 to 2023?
10 Television Production The Evolution of Reality TV How has reality TV evolved in terms of audience engagement and content diversity in the United States since 2000?


Each topic provides a focused exploration into various aspects of media and entertainment, from technological impacts and legal challenges to cultural shifts and industry practices. These topics are well-suited for detailed research and analysis, aiming to provide a deep understanding and insightful conclusions in an expository essay.

Ten Sample Expository Essay Topics on Family and Relationships

No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Family Psychology Effects of Parenting Styles How do different parenting styles affect child development outcomes in middle-class American families as of 2023?
2 Social Work Impact of Foster Care What are the long-term social and psychological effects of foster care on children in the UK from 2010 to 2020?
3 Sociology Marriage Trends How have marriage trends shifted among millennials in urban China since 2000?
4 Gender Studies Gender Roles in Modern Families How have gender roles within households changed in Brazil since the increase in dual-income families in 2015?
5 Relationship Counseling Conflict Resolution in Marriages What are the most effective conflict resolution strategies for married couples in Canada, based on studies from 2015 to 2023?
6 Child Development Impact of Technology on Family Relationships How has increased technology use affected family interactions and child behavior in Australia since 2010?
7 Gerontology Aging Parents and Family Dynamics How does the responsibility of caring for aging parents impact the family dynamics in Indian families as of 2023?
8 Adolescent Psychology Teenage Peer Pressure What are the effects of peer pressure on teenage mental health and academic performance in urban U.S. schools from 2015-2023?
9 Cultural Studies Interracial and Intercultural Marriages How do interracial and intercultural marriages affect family integration and cultural identity in South Africa since 2000?
10 Legal Studies Divorce and Custody Issues What are the common legal challenges faced during divorce and custody battles in the state of California from 2015 to 2023?


Each topic offers a pathway to explore complex and diverse issues within the domain of family and relationships. These topics are crafted for comprehensive research and analysis, enabling the development of insightful and detailed expository essays that highlight significant trends, challenges, and solutions in the evolving landscape of familial and interpersonal relationships.

Ten Examples of Expository Essay Prompts for Essays on Income Inequality and Wealth Redistribution

No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Economics The Wealth Gap in America How has the wealth gap in America changed since the 2008 financial crisis, and what factors have contributed to these changes?
2 Sociology Impact of Inequality on Social Mobility How does income inequality affect social mobility among millennials in urban India from 2010 to 2020?
3 Political Economy Tax Policies and Wealth Distribution What impact have recent changes in tax policies had on wealth distribution in European Union countries since 2015?
4 Global Development Income Inequality in Developing Countries What are the main drivers of income inequality in Sub-Saharan African countries over the past decade?
5 Urban Studies Housing Affordability and Income Inequality How does income inequality impact housing affordability in major cities like New York and San Francisco from 2015 to 2023?
6 Labor Economics Wage Disparity by Gender and Race What are the trends in wage disparities by gender and race in the technology sector in the United States from 2010 to 2020?
7 Behavioral Economics Consumer Behavior and Economic Inequality How does economic inequality influence consumer behavior in terms of spending and saving habits in Brazil since 2015?
8 International Relations Global Wealth Inequality and International Aid How effective has international aid been in reducing global wealth inequality from 2000 to 2020?
9 Environmental Economics Income Inequality and Environmental Impact What is the relationship between income inequality and environmental degradation in Southeast Asia from 2010 to 2023?
10 Financial Studies The Role of Financial Education in Wealth Building How has financial education impacted wealth building among low-income families in the United States from 2015 to 2023?

Ten Expository Essay Topics on Social Issues

No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Social Justice Racial Discrimination in Employment How has racial discrimination in employment practices affected the job market for minorities in the United States from 2010 to 2023?
2 Public Health Opioid Crisis What measures have proven effective in combating the opioid crisis in rural Appalachia from 2015 to 2023?
3 Urban Development Homelessness and Urban Policy How have urban policies in Los Angeles impacted homelessness rates from 2010 to 2023?
4 Environmental Justice Access to Clean Water How has access to clean water affected public health in Flint, Michigan, since the water crisis began in 2014?
5 Gender Studies Gender Identity and Inclusive Policies How have inclusive policies in Canadian schools affected the well-being of transgender students from 2015 to 2023?
6 Immigration Studies Impact of Immigration Laws What has been the social and economic impact of new immigration laws on migrant communities in Germany since 2015?
7 Education Policy Educational Inequality What are the main factors contributing to educational inequality in Brazil, and how have they evolved from 2000 to 2023?
8 Healthcare Policy Mental Health Services Accessibility How has the accessibility of mental health services changed in rural areas of Australia from 2010 to 2023?
9 Media Studies Media Influence on Body Image What impact does social media have on body image among teenagers in the UK, and how has this changed from 2010 to 2023?
10 Economic Sociology The Impact of Universal Basic Income (UBI) How has the trial of Universal Basic Income in Finland affected participants’ employment status and life satisfaction from 2017 to 2023?


Each topic is chosen to delve into significant social issues impacting various communities and populations, exploring the intersection of policy, societal norms, and individual rights. These essay topics are ideal for comprehensive research and analysis, aiming to provide detailed insights and contribute to discussions on how to address and resolve these pressing social concerns.

10 Samples of Expository Essay Prompts for Religion and Spirituality

No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Comparative Religion Interfaith Dialogue How has interfaith dialogue contributed to community cohesion in multicultural cities like Toronto from 2010 to 2023?
2 Theology The Role of Women in Christianity What changes have occurred in the roles of women in leadership within the Anglican Church from 2000 to 2023?
3 Religious Studies Influence of Religion on Modern Politics How does religious belief influence voting patterns in the United States during presidential elections from 2000 to 2023?
4 Spiritual Practices Meditation and Mental Health What are the documented impacts of regular meditation on mental health among adults in Japan from 2015 to 2023?
5 Philosophy of Religion Secularism and its Critics What are the main arguments of critics of secularism, and how have they shaped public policy in France since 2015?
6 Religious Ethics Ethical Veganism and Religion How do religious doctrines incorporate or reject the principles of ethical veganism in Western societies as of 2023?
7 Sociology of Religion The Decline of Organized Religion in Europe What factors have contributed to the decline of organized religion in Europe, particularly in Scandinavia, from 1990 to 2023?
8 Spiritual Ecology Spirituality and Environmental Conservation How does spirituality influence environmental conservation efforts in indigenous communities in the Amazon since 2010?
9 Religious History The Evolution of Buddhist Practices How have Buddhist practices and teachings evolved in response to technological advances in society from 1980 to 2023?
10 Psychology of Religion Religious Experience and Psychological Well-being How do religious experiences impact psychological well-being in individuals practicing Hinduism in India from 2000 to 2023?


Each topic provides a focused avenue for exploring various aspects of religion and spirituality, from theological debates and ethical discussions to the impact of religious practices on society and individual lives. These topics are well-suited for in-depth research and analysis, offering a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of religious and spiritual thought in the modern world.

10 Examples of Gender and Sexuality Expository Essay Topics

10 Example Expository Essay Topics for Race and Ethnicity

No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Gender Studies Gender Wage Gap How has the gender wage gap in the tech industry changed in the United States from 2010 to 2023?
2 LGBTQ+ Rights Marriage Equality What has been the social and legal impact of marriage equality on LGBTQ+ communities in Ireland since its legalization in 2015?
3 Sociology of Sexuality Non-binary Gender Recognition How have legal recognitions of non-binary genders in California impacted social attitudes from 2015 to 2023?
4 Women’s Studies Representation of Women in Media How has the representation of women in leading roles in Hollywood changed from 2000 to 2023?
5 Sexuality Education Comprehensive Sex Education What are the effects of comprehensive sex education on teenage pregnancy rates in Sweden from 2010 to 2023?
6 Intersectionality Intersection of Race and Gender in Workplace How do race and gender intersect to affect promotion rates in Fortune 500 companies in the United States from 2010 to 2023?
7 Transgender Rights Healthcare Access for Transgender Individuals How has access to healthcare for transgender individuals changed in Canada since the enactment of Bill C-16 in 2017?
8 Queer Studies Queer Representation in Literature How has queer representation in young adult literature evolved in the United States from 2000 to 2023?
9 Feminist Theory The Impact of Feminism on Modern Family Law How has feminist theory influenced changes in family law regarding custody and divorce in Spain from 2000 to 2023?
10 Masculinity Studies Crisis of Masculinity What are the core components of the so-called “crisis of masculinity” and how is it being addressed in Australian society since 2010?


Each topic is designed to explore significant issues within the realms of gender and sexuality, examining how these concepts intersect with various societal dimensions, including legal rights, workplace dynamics, media representation, and educational approaches. These topics are ideal for in-depth research and thorough analysis, providing a foundation for insightful and impactful expository essays that contribute to ongoing discussions and understandings in the field.

10 Example Argumentative Essay Ideas for Technology and Privacy

No. Field of Study Topic SMART Research Question
1 Cybersecurity Data Breaches and Consumer Privacy How have data breaches affected consumer privacy in the retail sector in the United States from 2010 to 2023?
2 Information Technology Encryption and Law Enforcement What challenges do encryption technologies pose to law enforcement in cybersecurity cases in the European Union since 2015?
3 Digital Ethics Ethics of AI Surveillance How has AI surveillance impacted privacy rights in urban China, and what ethical concerns have arisen since 2015?
4 Technology Law Regulation of Facial Recognition Software How have regulations surrounding facial recognition technology impacted privacy in public spaces in the UK since 2018?
5 Internet of Things Privacy Implications of Smart Home Devices What are the privacy risks associated with smart home devices, and how have consumers responded in Canada from 2015 to 2023?
6 Digital Media Social Media Data Mining What is the extent of data mining on social media platforms, and how does it affect user privacy in Australia since 2010?
7 Consumer Protection Privacy Policies and Consumer Rights How effective are current privacy policies at protecting consumer rights on major e-commerce platforms as of 2023?
8 Technology and Society The Role of Anonymity in Digital Communication What role does anonymity play in digital communication, and how does it influence privacy and security online since 2010?
9 Health Informatics Privacy in Telehealth Services What privacy concerns have emerged with the rise of telehealth services in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic?
10 Public Policy Government Surveillance and Privacy How has government surveillance changed in the United States since the Snowden revelations in 2013, and what impacts has this had on privacy?

Each topic explores crucial aspects of how technology interacts with privacy, examining both the challenges and innovations in protecting personal information in an increasingly digital world. These topics are ideal for thorough research and analysis, aiming to provide in-depth insights into how privacy is being redefined and contested in various technological arenas.

Samples of Excellent Topics for Expository Essays

This extensive list of sample expository essay topics covers a broad spectrum of subjects, from social issues to technology, healthcare to politics, and beyond. These topics are not only timely but also versatile, providing numerous opportunities for comprehensive analysis, detailed exploration, and engaging exposition.

As you explore these topics, remember the significance of meticulous research, coherent structuring, and clear expression of your insights.

In today’s knowledge-rich environment, the ability to inform and clarify complex ideas through well-structured exposition is invaluable. By investigating these topics and honing your expository writing skills, you’ll not only bolster your academic achievements but also contribute to informed discussions and impactful understanding.

We hope this list proves to be a useful tool, encouraging you to address intricate issues, challenge conventional views, and ultimately, present a well-rounded exposition of your chosen subject. Remember, the strength of explanation lies in your narrative, and these topics provide a platform for you to craft insightful expository essays that can enlighten and educate.

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