New Proofreading Poem

Ever seen the spellchecker poem?

We love it so much that we thought we would write our own! Here it is:

The Knew Proof Reed Err Poe Um

Eye don’t kneed a proofread err
To check my resume may
There’s a grate knew gram err checker
I bought it yes tear day

Ewe don’t kneed two spend yore thyme
Looking four miss takes
Just use yore spell ling check her
Bet wean you’re writing breaks

An Auto mate head proofread err
Is all that ewe re choir
Two double Czech yore writ en word
Too yore heart’s desire

Poof freed errs are knot four me
My soft wear ‘s much bettor
I ran my s say threw it
And my cover ring let her

Sew pleas just take my add vice
And save you’re precious thyme
Ewes a good soft wear Czech err
Yore right ting will bee like mine

We ran the poem through the spellchecker and guess what… not one single mistake (apparently!)

If this poem proves anything, is that you can’t beat professional native English proofreading services. If you want to make sure your written documents are absolutely perfect, check out our online proofreading services.

5 thoughts on “New Proofreading Poem”

  1. would you call this a poem
    I am quiet and small just like my

    freind paul who always stalls when he

    is in a fight with his door

  2. How does this sound


    I got many things about my past that people don’t know

    Half the time people think I’m a freak show.

    Why are people so judgmental towards our kind

    Love is love no matter if you’re deaf or blind.

    Let me tell you a little about myself and my life

    There are times when I try to make us have no strife

    But you know I have a lot to live for and things to do

    We all have people that love us, each and every one of you.

    I have the scars and marks of hatred and grief

    But I take that one step back to stop and breathe.

    You see I don’t care what people think of me

    Theyr’re always see what they wanna see.

    I see an intelligent young bright man thinking of his next step in lif

    Hoping someday he’ll have a beautiful wife.

    Yes I said man and not girl, cuz that’s what you see

    But let me tell you, that’s not me,

    I have this label that people don’t like to use

    When some hear it, it sets them off like a fuse

    That label does not define who I am

    It defines what I am.

    LGBT is that label that I don’t let define myself but others say

    You see I can have that label but it’s not me by day.

    By day I wander these halls with few friends who know

    And the rest either don’t care, don’t know, or think I’m just a show.

    I will tell you the truth of what it’s like to have people there for you

    Who have lived a life in the same shoes.

    People like us get mistreated every single day

    And all I can think of to is to say;

    Is that we are just as much of people as you are

    Why do you have to leave such a big scar.

    We can love and kiss who we want

    But all you really do is taunt.

    Being who we are is not a sin or a crime

    For most people it just takes time.

    Time to find out who they are and live happy and free

    Free from all the words of hatred and people who disagree.

    I have many that love me for who I am

    And they don’t let that label define what I am.

    They are my family and friends

    And I will always have them to the end.

    So I guess my point in this is, to not change what you think or say or do

    I’m just saying always be you.

    You are the one that makes a difference in the world and in someone’s life

    You could be that one that relieves that person’s strife.

    Just be there for the ones you love and cherish

    For time does not last long and they all will perish.

    Don’t let what others say bout you be the truth

    Be the person that stands out and makes us shine through.

    Only you can make that change

    by making that new chapter, that new page.

    Be that role model everyone will know

    Be that strong person that will continue to grow.

    So speak the truth but don’t hurt others while you’re at it

    Cuz most of us have just about had it.

    We wanna live our lives in peace

    We want all your comments and snickers to cease.

    We love ourselves the way we are.

    Why is accepting us so hard.

    We are normal just like you

    We just love different people and have a different view.

    A view on what our life brings to all

    Hoping that we can help those who fall.

    So please give us a chance to show you who we really are

    We can make a difference even from afar.

    That is all I ask from all of you

    Is to think before you speak and do.

    This is all I have to say

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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