How to Write Theses Statements That Grab Your Readers by The Balls

how to write interesting thesis statementsIt’s easy to write great papers about some topics, such as your love of rally car driving, how you pulled the girl of your dreams, or why Britney Spears is not in the running for Mother of The Year. If something interests you or fuels passion within, then putting pen to paper (or tapping those keys) is easier than seducing Tiger Woods.

But what if the subject is mundane, such as a commentary on the internal hierarchy of political organizations, an analysis of asphalt and assorted other road surface materials or a discussion on how CAM and C4 photosynthesis differ?

How do you get an essay noticed when the subject is so darn boring?

The truth is, 9 times out of 10, your professor is probably about as excited about reading your paper as you were about sitting down to write the thing in the first place. Tutors are human and, like you, probably have better things to be doing (most of them anyway).

For this reason, it’s crucial that you grab their attention and peak their interest right from the very start. For this, you need a great thesis statement that lures the reader into engaging with your paper. Here are some top tips for formulating thesis statements that get your essay noticed fresh from our expert essay editors.

Picture of the number oneThe thesis statement should be specific and should relate to the question

Your essay should be a focused piece of writing that answers a specific question or prompt. Yes, you may want to demonstrate that you also have superior knowledge of brain surgery and quantum physics, but if these areas are not relevant to the essay question, you’ll waste your time and piss your professor off. Create a clear thesis statement that answers the question and ensure that every single sentence you write throughout the rest of the essay is related to this statement in some way, shape, or form. That’s the secret to great essay formatting. If you need some more guidance on writing a thesis statement, take a look at our guide to writing a thesis. Alternatively, get some professional help from editing and proofreading services.

Picture of the number twoIt should be of interest to the reader

Yes, this is very much easier said than done. How exactly can you make asphalt sound fascinating? Well, actually you can. Think about the subject of economics. Remotely interested? Nope. However, one fabulous author took a subject that fills most people will dread and wrote one of the best sellers of all time: Freakanomics. How did he transform something from mundane to “must read”? He wrote about the topics within the framework of interesting phenomenon and everyday events that interest us all and produced the following thesis statement:

Crime rates in the United States have decreased because abortion was legalized and fewer future criminals were born.

Try and apply this approach to the main thesis of your essay. Get creative and try and make the paper exciting.

Picture of the number threeIt should develop a clear opinion

When it comes to thesis statements you can’t be hazy. You need to develop a strong opinion on the topic and stick to that opinion throughout. Think about someone like Perez Hilton. He develops strong opinions about celebrities, and these attract wide audiences. You don’t have to be scathing like Parez, but you do need to be clear and committed to the claims you are making.

Picture of the number fourIt should be full of spice

Which of the following two thesis statements do you think is the most effective?

The Evil Godmother’s downfall was caused by her jealousy of Cinderella.

The Evil Godmother’s inability to control her insane jealousy of Cinderella led to her sudden, tragic demise.

The second one sounds much better because it contains exciting adjectives and powerful language. It tells the reader that you have a strong point of view and that the essay promises to deliver some interesting information and opinions.

Simply fill in the blanks and you’ll have a great thesis statement your professor will love.

If you have written a thesis statement and would like some help editing it so that it rocks your professor’s world, check out our academic editing services now.

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