How to Find the Best Dissertation Proofreading Services

How to find the best dissertation proofreading services

You’ve slogged your guts out performing your research and labored for hours over a computer writing up your results… but sadly, you’re not quite done yet.

You will need to proofread your final dissertation, and for this, you’ll need to find the best dissertation proofreading services.

Before we go any further, let’s make one thing clear: If you believe you can proofread your dissertation without the help of a professional dissertation proofreader, you will have to accept that the final version will not be as good as it could have been and will likely contain errors.

If you’re not willing to take the risk and want to submit the best version of your dissertation, you should look for the best dissertation proofreading service for your needs.

But among the many providers that lie out there (including AI proofreading for your dissertation), how do you find a dissertation service you can trust?

The quickest, most effective and surprisingly affordable (can you afford to flunk your course because your dissertation failed?) approach is to submit your dissertation to a reliable and established proofreading service. You can then leave the experts to get on with the task of finding and correcting all your mistakes while you take a break from the schoolwork for a while.

Finding the best dissertation proofreading service among the many options accessible online might be challenging. This article is designed to help you select the most suitable proofreaders and avoid the con artists (sadly, there are a lot of them out there).

Finding the Best Dissertation Proofreading Services: A Checklist

A checklist to help you find the best dissertation proofreader

The University of Manchester advises carefully screening thesis proofreaders before you engage their services. We have created this handy checklist to help you identify the elements you may wish to consider when searching for the best dissertation proofreaders.

1) Don’t focus on finding the cheapest dissertation service

You’re a student, so money could well be an issue. However, the cheapest dissertation proofreading service is likely to be the worst service on offer.

When you’re on the lookout for a reliable dissertation proofreader, compare the prices that are available on the market. You should target agencies that offer mid-range pricing.


No editor worth their salt would work below market rate. If a proofreader is offering services at a very low price, you can be pretty confident you will not get a high-quality output.

On the other end of the spectrum, you don’t want to overpay either. Some of the more boutique agencies offer dissertation proofreading services at very high rates or a series of “add-ons” that transform a competitive price into something different entirely. These types of agencies have extremely high profit margins because they are working with the same pool of editors as the companies operating in the mid-price-point range—they’re fooling you into thinking you’re getting something more.

Spend your money wisely.

2) Check the dissertation proofreading turnaround time

Let’s face it, the majority of students are writing their dissertations at the last minute.

If this is the case for you, you can’t afford to enlist the services of a company that will let you down. You need to find a provider that has a track record of consistently meeting deadlines.

If you haven’t got time on your hands, you will need an online dissertation editing service that has the tools and expertise to deliver rapid turnaround times.


Proofreading is a meticulous process that takes time. As such, you also need to be realistic. It would not be possible for a single proofreader to read a dissertation exceeding 50,000 words in a matter of hours.

Vappingo’s proofreaders complete at least two passes of the file. This, of course, takes time. As such, you should allow proofreaders at least 72 hours per 50,000 words.

3) Look for qualified, native-English proofreaders

Your dissertation is an important document that could make all the difference to your final grades.

As such, you need to ensure that your proofreader possesses the necessary skills and experience to spot and correct any mistakes. Research the proofreaders you intend to use. Ask the following questions:

  • Are the proofreaders native-English speakers?
  • Do the proofreaders have formal editing and proofreading qualifications?
  • Are the proofreaders experienced in proofreading dissertations?
  • Do the proofreaders have a working knowledge of the style guide you are using for your dissertation? For instance, APA (see our APA formatting guide for more details).
  • Is the proofreading company prepared to back their services with a money-back guarantee?

4) Look at the client testimonials

Find the company’s website’s reviews section to read what other people have said about their experiences with the provider.

View the feedback from previous customers regarding the speed, effectiveness, efficiency, and customer care on offer. This will give you a good idea of the quality of service you can expect.

If a company doesn’t have any testimonials they can readily share with you, it’s likely you’re looking at a sham, temporary website that has been set up to make a quick buck before rapidly closing down when people start to complain.

Read Vappingo’s wealth of verified testimonials: Proofreading services testimonials

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5) Evaluate the professionalism of the website

As I’ve outlined above, many dissertation proofreading services seem to just spring into existence. Some of them have an illicit intention: To deceive as many people as they can in a short period of time before disappearing into the ether.

It is improbable that a service created to take advantage of clients would have a top-notch website. These guys only want your money; they aren’t interested in making long-term investments. As soon as the negative reviews start rolling in, they’ll close their website, rebrand, and start the whole cycle again.

It’s important to engage in an initial assessment of the website you’re browsing. Factors to evaluate include the following:

  • How long has the website been live? Anything that is just a few months or weeks old should be avoided at all costs. The longer the company has been operating, the better. If you can find a company with 10+ years and no negative feedback on review sites (hint: Vappingo), you’re onto a winner.
  • What policies are in place in the event you are not satisfied with the service you receive?
  • Does the website have a blog? A quality blog on the website is a terrific sign that you can rely on the brand. It shows that the service provider invests time and money in producing excellent content for its website.
  • Does the company operating the website have membership of recognized professional bodies, such as the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading?

6) Read the Terms and Conditions

This is crucial. Some organizations don’t even bother to post their terms and conditions on their websites. They are often con artists. If you ask them for revisions or a refund, they’ll ignore you because they don’t care about nurturing satisfied customers.

If a website you’re looking at doesn’t have clear terms and conditions, a privacy policy, and a confidentiality agreement, it’s likely you’ll be let down.

7) Read the website content

Here’s something extremely ironic: The very people offering dissertation proofreading services often post advertisements and articles that are replete with grammatical errors.

Take the time to read their content. If you spot a mistake, run a mile!

8) Ask for a Sample

Your dissertation is extremely important. As such, it’s worth testing the services of a few different companies.

The best dissertation proofreaders will be happy to provide you with a free sample of around 300 words. If you encounter a company that is not willing to do this, move on.

Given the sheer number of online editing services out there, it can be challenging to find the best dissertation proofreading service.

Hopefully, the information presented above will help you spot phony services and determine which one merits your attention.

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