University of Chicago Admissions Guide 2024

The University of Chicago is located in Hyde Park, a section of the city of Chicago, Illinois on the south side. As of March 2024, it hosts 7,653 undergraduate students and 10,870 graduate students, reflecting a substantial community committed to higher learning. Students say the academics are fiercely competitive, and the classes are generally quite intense. Students do an inordinate amount of studying just to keep up with the constant challenges professors throw at them every weekday.

Admission to the school is quite competitive for a private school of its diminutive stature; last year, about 8,139 students applied and 3,379 were admitted while only 1,114 actually enrolled for the coming fall. The admitted students had an average combined SAT score ranging from 1310 to an impressive 1500 and an average comprehensive ACT score ranging from 28 to 32. Over 94% of admitted students were ranked in the top 25% of their high school graduating class. From these statistics, it is fairly obvious that U Chicago is not a place for slackers to take refuge.

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The school has an incredible student to faculty ratio of 4:1, which is practically unheard of at the majority of universities. The academics are quite intense that they really require such small New York accident lawyer classes in order to be effective. The university boasts one of the top economics programs in the world, and its science (both natural and political) are word-class as well. The school offers a wide variety of undergraduate majors; some of the most popular with students include majors in economics (of course), biological science, English, psychology, and political science. (no underwater basket weaving majors in sight…) The required curriculum at the school is equally as varied and challenging– the core curriculum is not a free-ride by any means. Another interesting note to keep in mind: the school runs on the notorious “quarter system,” and as a result, one semester is basically condensed into a mere 10 weeks.

For the academic year 2023-2024, the cost of attendance varies depending on living arrangements. For students living on campus, the total estimated cost of attendance is $89,040, while for those living off-campus, it is estimated at $84,819. These figures include tuition, fees, and estimated living expenses

University of Chicago Admissions Statistics at a Glance

Statistic 2023-2024
Undergraduate Enrollment 7,653
Graduate Enrollment 10,870
Acceptance Rate 4.8%
SAT Range 1500-1580
ACT Range 34-35
Average GPA ~4.0
Student to Faculty Ratio 4:1
Number of Majors 53

The Facts About the University of Chicago Admissions


Student Life at University of Chicago

The U Chicago campus is amazing; it is situated right on the shores of Lake Michigan and even includes its own beach and waterfront pathways. The buildings on campus are a great mixture of neo-gothic architecture and modern feats of engineering and design, including a building designed by the acclaimed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Students at U Chicago are definitely not known for their love of partying; they are usually too busy with their glasses-adorned noses shoved in thick books to take much interest in the party scene. However, the city of Chicago definitely offers its own cultured perks; the city is home to some of the best performing and fine arts in the world, and offers many fine restaurants, shops and bars for the students’ enjoyment. There are fraternities and sororities at the school, but not many students join or take notice. They do throw the occasional party with hefty quantities of alcohol, however, most students don’t really care.

Fellow geeks unite! The dating scene at U Chicago could be most accurately characterized as a geeky love fest. Hey, sounds good to me!

What’s Good About Studying at the University of Chicago

“The academics don’t get any better than this. You feel like you are just learning at 80 times the speed you did in high school. It’s really refreshing.”

“The classes are miniscule and feel more like mini-discussion groups.”

“The dorms are amazing and offer a wide range of sizes and characteristics. Mine is an old luxury hotel with huge rooms that look out onto Lake Michigan. Not too shabby!”

What’s Bad About Studying at the University of Chicago

“The school is really cutthroat. There is a sense of urgency when it comes to being the best in every class and nothing is ever good enough.”

“A lot of professors are really stuck-up and too wrapped up in their own academic egos to help anyone else, let alone a lowly student.”

“The neighborhood isn’t really the safest of areas. It’s not a good idea to walk alone at night.”

University of Chicago Admissions Requirements

University of Chicago Acceptance Rate

For the academic year 2023-2024, the University of Chicago saw a highly competitive admission rate. The university received 38,800 applications for its Class of 2027 and accepted only 1,849 students, resulting in an admission rate of 4.8%​. This rate signifies a slight decrease from the previous cycle, showcasing UChicago’s continued selectivity and the high level of competition among applicants.

The acceptance rate at UChicago remains one of the lowest among prestigious universities, highlighting its reputation for academic excellence and the intense competition for admission. Prospective students are advised to prepare thoroughly for their applications, considering the university’s rigorous academic environment and its emphasis on intellectual curiosity and diversity of thought.

Grade Point Average

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the University of Chicago has maintained its reputation for academic excellence, evidenced by the high average GPA of its admitted students. The average unweighted GPA for incoming students at UChicago is around 4.0 on a 4.0 scale, indicating that the institution continues to attract top-tier students​. 

This reflects the university’s competitive nature and underscores the importance of academic achievement in its admissions process. Prospective students aiming for admission to UChicago should strive for excellence in their academic pursuits, demonstrating not only intelligence and diligence but also a strong commitment to their studies.

SAT and ACT Requirements

SAT and ACT Requirements and Rules at the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago adopts a flexible approach towards standardized test scores, emphasizing a holistic review of each application. For the 2023-2024 admissions cycle, submitting SAT or ACT scores is considered but not required, allowing students to decide whether their test results accurately reflect their academic potential​. 

This policy aligns with UChicago’s commitment to assess applicants based on a broad range of factors, including academic achievements, personal qualities, and extracurricular involvement. For students who choose to submit their scores, the median SAT score for admitted students is around 1540, with a range typically from 1500 to 1580 across different sections. The median ACT composite score is 34, with most students scoring between 34 and 35​​. These statistics highlight the competitive nature of UChicago’s applicant pool and underscore the university’s standing as an institution that attracts academically talented students. However, UChicago’s test-optional policy ensures that all students, regardless of their standardized test performance, have the opportunity to present a comprehensive and compelling application.

University of Chicago Admissions Essay Requirements

The University of Chicago is renowned for its unique and thought-provoking admission essay topics, which are a central component of its admissions process. Applicants are required to respond to one of several quirky and creative prompts provided by the university, reflecting UChicago’s emphasis on intellectual curiosity and creative thinking. These prompts often encourage unconventional thinking, challenging students to engage deeply with topics and present their ideas in an original manner. In addition to the required essay responding to a UChicago prompt, applicants must also submit a personal statement as part of the Common Application or Coalition Application, which offers further insight into the student’s personality, experiences, and academic interests. The combination of these essays provides a comprehensive platform for applicants to convey their individuality, intellectual passions, and potential contributions to the UChicago community. This unique approach to application essays underscores the university’s commitment to fostering a diverse and dynamic student body, where a wide range of perspectives and ideas can thrive.

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