A Massive Compilation of the Most Horrendous English Translations Ever Recorded by Man

As the world gets smaller, the art of translation becomes all the more imperative to our ability to communicate with the people on the other side of the world whom we don’t really like but will tolerate because they are not Canadian. Thankfully, when a non-native speaker of a language translates something, there is always the danger that they will get it massively wrong. The badly translated English language signs just keep coming and coming and we gloatingly sit by and take pride in our apparent supremacy. Praise the Lord for Google Translate!

Bad Japanese translation: sign warning against throwing cigarettes
Source: ratestogo.com


Sign reads: "be aware of invisibility"
Source: Hella Heaven


Badly translated sign makes no sense.
Source: Poor But Happy


Dog fouling sign badly translated
Source: Legacy…


Sign reads: "flowers are lovely care her and not pick up"
Source: Flickr


Translation from Chinese into English is very poor
Source: 8asians.com


Very bad translation just doesn't make sense
Source: thechive.com


Bad translation misuses alternative word for chicken
Source: Turkish Tefl


Sign reads: "translate server error"
Source. Kera.name


Sign reads: "go back toward your behind"
Source: sprungangel.com


Terrible translation about a tape worm
Source: Allee Willis


Badly translated sign tells vehicle owner not to touch themselves
Source: Flickr


Sign reads: Office of mayhem evaluation
Source: humorsharing.com


Sign reads: "mang out"
Source: Flickr
Sign reads: "jump of the cliff"
Source: awesomeoff.com


Sign reads: "because you are dangerous you must not enter"
Source: boingboing.net


badly translated sign contains swear word
Source: awesomeoff.com


Sign for male toilet is mistranslated
Source: Awesomeoff.com


Chinese tourist sign translation
Source: China is calling

Looking for more? Take a look at the worst translation ever written.

Sign reads: "you lady will push this button before leaving"
Source: The Translator Blog


Terrible sign full of translation mistakes
Source: Flickr


Sign reads: "don't fall down"
Source: Euro London’s Blog


Translation gone very wrong
Source: SMB Savings

Have you seen any bad English translations? Leave a comment and tell us about them.

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