19 Signs That Prove That McDonald’s Employees are Morons

Perhaps it’s the proximity to unidentified chemical foodstuffs that poisons the brain, or maybe the inane repetition of the same tired phrases has slowly driven them all mad. Regardless, you would think that the billions of dollars this major corporation garners from the billions of worshippers of those golden arches, that they could afford to pay someone with basic grammar skills … you would think!

Here are 19 of the most ridiculous errors we have ever had the pleasure of seeing… We’re lovin’ it!

P.S. No offense to McDonald’s staff intended, it’s your colleague we’re referring to, not you.



Sign reads Anus burger instead of angus burger

Sign reads: "start your morning with a sausage in yo but"

Sign mistake made by Mcdonalds

Sign reads: No boy toys available

Sign reads: "this is a 'non-smoking' restaurant"

Mcdonalds sign hung incorrectly

Two Mcdonalds signs side by side give incorrect information

Completely misspelled mcdonalds sign

Mcdonalds sign reads incorrectly

Mcdonalds sign fail

Mcdonalds sign reads: "cloused sorre"

Incorrectly spelled McDonalds sign

Sign reads: "Congradulantions class of 2010"


Sign reads: "No sagging allowed in this restaurant"


Sign reads: "Try our new asians"


Misspelt macdonalds sign


Grammatically incorrect Mcdonald's sign


Mcdonald's spelling fail


Mcdonald's sell sweat tea

Whether you work at McDonald’s or not, it’s important that you always proofread your written English. If proofreading isn’t your thing, take a look at our proofreading services.

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