The Most Painfully Idiotic Contradictions You Have Ever Seen

One of the biggest thing our proofreaders keep a beady eye out for when proofreading important documents is contradictions. It’s important that your text does not contain any events characters, plot lines and settings that contradict each other and leave your readers scratching their heads. Here are some great examples of contradictions in action.

Sign reads: "Do not enter. Entrance only."

No pets allowed. All pets must be on a leash.


Sign reads "duck crossing". Picture shows a horse.


Sign says "Stop" and then "No stopping" underneath


Top sign reads 'Do not enter". Sign directly below reads "enter only"


Sign says "Road closed to ease congestion" positioned next to traffic jam


Sign reads: "red light photo" the camera is covered though

Contradictory sign reads: "keep right" but the arrow points left.

Contradiction is sign that reads "no dogs" and then "beware of dogs on the premises."

Sign reads: "do not read this sign under penalty of law."

Sign reads: "honk if you like peace and quiet."

Sign reads: "restroom faculty open" and then "no dumping."

Sign reads: "book drop" and then "no books"

Sign reads: "entrance" and then "not an entrance"

Sign reads "do not use on stainless steel" and then give instructions on how to use on stainless steel

Sign reads "florist parking" and then "no parking"

Guy has a elicit license plate that is surrounded by a church logo

Sin reads: "danger attack dog" followed by "puppy for sale"

Sign reads: "open 24 hours" but then has opening times underneath

Sign reads: "keep right" but has an arrow pointing to the left.

Sign reads: "sign not is use"


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