20 Ill-Conceived Slogans That are Unintentionally Brilliant

Advertising copywriting is a hard task. Formulating the perfect combination of words to sum up a product or service while avoiding all innuendos and insults is no mean feat and these slogan writers have failed miserably in their quest to sell a serious product. Luckily, these genius slogans didn’t escape the attention of those of us who prey on mistakes. Here are our favorite slogans of all time. Let us know if you’ve come across any gems.

Poster shows wheelchair-bound adult and the slogan "men standing up"

Slogan reads: "your hole is our goal"

Slogan reads: "Pork the one you love"

Slogan reads: "tastes like grandma"

These guys could definitely have benefitted from our business proofreading services!

Slogan reads: "stuff yourself with our sausage"

Slogan reads: "Imagine more snacks than you can imagine"

Sign reads: "stop working, start jerking"

Sign reads: "99c store. Everything 99c or more"

Sign reads: "The best things come in bears"

Film slogan reads: "he was dead... but he got better"

Slogan reads: "your erection is in safe hands"

Slogan fail shows disabled character and the words: "stand among friends"

Sign reads: "I shoot people and pets"

Sign reads: "a dry crack is a happy crack"

Sign reads: "the ones you care about the most"

Bad slogan reads: "the best hand job in the Bronx"

Slogan reads: "it aint payday if it aint nuts in your mouth"

Slogan reads: "homicide: our day starts when yours ends"

Sign reads: "your hole is our goal"

Slogan reads: "Funeral home, a place to live"

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