13 Extremely Unfortunate Abbreviations That You Couldn’t Show Your Mother

The English language is being increasingly condensed; sometimes it is appropriate, most of the time it isn’t. Here are 13 occasions when the human tendency to condense words resulted in extremely unfortunate abbreviations, for which we are extremely grateful.

As usual with these things, the contents of some of these pictures are not for the easily offended… the clue’s in the title.

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Reads: "Butt.Finger Blast"
Sounds delicious

Reads: Turkey w/cum
What? No mayonnaise?

Reads: B.J. Champion
Some guys are just naturally gifted I guess

Reads: Waiting President Obama's arrival in ME
Now there’s a story

Reads: Catch VD
Do fans need to get themselves checked out?

Reads: Winnie Poo Ass
Not so cute anymore hey?

Reads: Naked c*nt wtr
No comment

Reads: Old Folks Ass
Things may have been very different if only that street light hadn’t been there

Reads: ANAL instead of analogue
Not so keen on fighting for the remote control now

Reads; S.H.I.T hostel
Appreciate the honesty

Reads: Chic. Garlic & Butt
Is this organic?

Reads: Ass coach accused of abusing eight boys
With a job title like that you were asking for trouble

Wrigley's extra fresh what?
But will it freshen my breath?

Have you spotted any unfortunate abbreviations? Send them in to us, even proofreaders appreciate a laugh every once in a while!

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