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Sometimes it feels like writing essays that score the top grades is an impossible task. It can be really frustrating when you work really hard yet find yourself falling behind the rest of the class.
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Want to get better grades but don't know how?

We can help. Our professional editors know exactly what to do to make your essays stand out.

If you want to get the best possible grades for your essays and academic documents, you simply must ensure every word is coherent, well written, and compelling. Not sure how to do that?

Let our essay editors fix your mistakes for you.

Take a look at some of the reviews of our essay editing services:

Customer Testimonails Trustpilot

Thank you for editing my work, it was excellent. My work looks very tidy and I'm working on the comments and the areas marked in yellow. I'm more confident about my work now. Thanks a lot.

Independent Trustpilot Review
Customer Testimonails Trustpilot

The best editing service I’ve so far come across on the internet !! Timely submissions, cost-effective and very flawless, beautiful, native-speaker level writing. Love this!

Independent Trustpilot Review
Customer Testimonails Trustpilot

It really works. The completed work is finished on time beautifully and will definitely use it again.

Independent Trustpilot Review

Get essay help that hits the mark

Get quick and simple help from qualified native English experts who can use their exceptional writing skills to transform your essays from mediocre to fabulous. Take a look at the difference professional essay editors can make.
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Transform your essay without risking a thing

We're so confident in our online essay editors that we offer a full money-back guarantee. If you don't like the edited essay and don't want to use it to boost your grades, you won't have to pay a dime.

Get top grades with minimal effort

To get top grades, you need to ensure your essays are absolutely perfect. All Vappingo's editors are native English experts who'll help you take your essays to the next level.

Access help when you need it

Regardless of what time zone you're in, we have people ready to help. With Vappingo's unique system, you can get in touch with your editor to ask questions or share additional information at any time.

You'll get your money back if you're not happy

Vappingo is the only online essay editing service to offer a full money-back guarantee, meaning you have absolutely nothing to lose and A LOT to gain.

Refine your essay with free revisions

Our incredible editors deliver incredible results. However, if you wish to revise the edited essay, you can request a revision and work with your editor to improve the minor details.

Fully transparent pricing

Pay only for what you use. No complicated pricing systems. Just a simple, affordable, transparent per-word cost. What we quote is what you pay. There are no hidden charges whatsoever.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed at all times

You can trust us not to share your personal information with any third party. Our website is fully secure and all payments are managed by a reliable third party.

Grade A essays in three basic steps

So very simple

1. Select a service

Hit "Order now" and select the editing service you're looking for from the simple drop-down options. The fees for editing your essay will be instantly displayed.

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2. Pay via PayPal

Pay in just a few clicks with our secure payment partner. You don't need a PayPal account and you can pay by credit card if you like.

Leave the hard work to us

3. Go and have fun

We'll do all the hard work while you get on with more interesting things. Your edited essay will be in your inbox in as little as 24 hours.

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Our essay editors are highly experienced experts who have worked with a vast range of subjects and academic document types. Simply tell us what you need and we'll handle the rest. These are just some of the papers we can edit:

  • Dissertation editing
  • Business administration
  • History
  • Economics
  • Scientific manuscripts
  • Political science
  • College application essays
  • English literature
  • Management
  • Business studies
  • Linguistics
  • Assignments
  • Academic writing

Students love our editing services for a reason

I went through the essay and I am so happy with all the suggestions and changes to the grammatical errors! Thank you for all the help provided on this. Will use for all my future papers

Admissions essay edited January 2018

Hi, Thank you so much for the edit. I am very satisfied with the dissertation. Since I am not a native English writter, the editting from Vappingo much improved my essay. Good timing, reasonable price, high quality. Will reuse the serivce to edit my essay later. Definitly, will recommend to other people!

Essay edited November 2018

I want to express my extreme gratitude and awe at the expertise and customer service. The online essay editing I received was so prompt and of high standards. Very much satisfied with Vappingo. Thank you very much.

Essay edited January 2019

I love Vappingo! Thank you, Sarah, for providing a stellar job editing and making suggestions on my paper. Will definitely use and recommend Vappingo!

Essay edited March 2019

We have pages and pages of genuine, verified testimonials from students all over the world. Check them out.

Essay Editing Testimonials

Our essay editors have worked with students from some of the world's leading academic institutions

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Need a basic check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors?

Take a look at our academic proofreading services

How Much Does Essay Editing Cost?

We pride ourselves on delivering affordable, high-quality essay editing services. Better still, we offer a universal and transparent per-word rate, which means you only pay for what you need.

Vappingo is a professional essay editing company that has a global customer base. As such, we price our services in a universal currency: USD. However, as we process payments via a secure online payment processing system, PayPal, we can accept any currency and the rate of the currency you bank in will automatically be calculated for you.

24-hour editing

$.038per word

48-hour editing

$.034per word

72-hour editing

$.030per word

Essay Editing Help for Students

picture of APA formatting and editing guide
How to format APA essays

A fantastic printable guide to APA formatting for essays and dissertations. Yours free to print out and keep. Academic papers just got so much easier.

picture of thesis statement editing guide
A comprehensive guide to editing an essay

Want to edit your own essay? Take a look at our full guide to the essay editing process.

Free essay editing checklist
Free essay editing checklist

Download this free essay editing checklist to make sure you write and edit perfect academic papers every single time.

Some of your frequently asked questions:

Q. Why is essay editing important?

Typing and spelling errors happen to everyone, and mistakes in written English are a fact of life. However, while a few mistakes are permissible, a large number of them are not. It is essential that you minimize errors in your academic writing because failing to do so tells your teacher or your instructor that you don’t really care. No teacher will take your essay, dissertation, thesis, or college application essay seriously if it is riddled with mistakes. Written errors in formal documents communicate one of two things: Either you are not intelligent enough to write well, or you simply can’t be bothered to make an effort with your essay. Either way, you sure won’t be topping the class when it comes to your grades! Vappingo’s essay editing service will help you to make sure that your written copy reflects your GOOD attitude.

Benefits of Vappingo’s editing services for essays:
  • Get the edge over your classmates: Top class grammar, structure, and spelling can help you to ensure that you get your argument across in the best possible way.
  • Submit academic papers with confidence: Have peace of mind that all your hard work won’t be ruined by poor grammar and vocabulary.
  • Save time: Leave the dull formatting to us. We’ll deal with the fiddly tasks like style editing and bibliography formatting while you focus on getting top grades.
  • Meet Deadlines: We can fully edit documents within as little as 24 hours, so even if you’re on the last minute, you can still rely on us.

Q. Can I use the edited essay as my own?

Once the editing process is complete, you have full ownership rights to the paper and the legal basis to use the essay as your own.

Q. How do you guarantee my confidentiality?

Our site is highly secure, and we ensure that all of our customers receive full confidentiality. We never disclose any of our clients' information. Your full confidentiality and privacy are safeguarded by our privacy policy

Q. How long will it take you to edit my essay?

Our unique console allows you around-the-clock access to professional editors. Simply place your order and leave it to us. Our academic paper editing service can be completed in as little as 12 hours. Great when you have a deadline to meet. However, if the word count of your essay is particularly high, the longer you give us, the better.

Q. Do you proofread the essay while you edit it?

Academic editors typically perform two passes when they edit an essay. First, they methodically review the file to identify any structural, grammatical, punctuation, and spelling areas. They will also highlight any areas in which citations are missing and/or the argument is flawed and in need of improvement. On the second pass, essay editors will proofread the paper, correcting any remaining spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors.

If you are confident your essay is well written, structured effectively, and without any significant structural errors, you can use our essay proofreading service.

Q. Do I need essay proofreading or essay editing services?

Essay proofreading services are designed for papers that were written by native English speakers (or people of native level) who are confident their essays contain no major structural problems. Proofreading is ideal for people who are seeking a final check for any last lingering mistakes.

Some essays contain complex grammar errors that cannot be corrected via proofreading alone. In this case, an essay editing service is required. Professional editors will help you to restructure your document to address all errors while also enhancing the argument, refining the sentence structure, improving the flow and word choice, and making the essay more coherent.

Please note that neither the essay editing or essay proofreading service includes checks for plagiarism or rewriting plagiarised content. We are not a writing service and do not accept orders for essay writing.

Q. How can you guarantee that my paper will be edited by a native English speaker?

While we have editors throughout the world, all our editing and proofreading services are delivered by highly experienced, professional native English speakers.

Q.What types of documents can your essay editors correct?

Our proofreaders can help you with your assignment, dissertation, college essay, statement of purpose, personal statement, application essay, thesis, essay, recommendation letter; in fact, we can edit and proofread any type of academic document.

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