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Our proofreaders and copy editors love to receive feedback about any of the services they have provided. If you have anything you would like to share with us, please get in touch. Of course, we love to receive praise, but if there's something you think we can improve upon, please don't be shy and drop us a line. We take all feedback seriously and continually endeavor to ensure that our customers get the service they are looking for (and more).

Kind words from our customers

We're very proud of the fact that we have a lot of happy users. Here's a selection of some of the feedback our proofreaders and editors have received:

Thanks a lot, now it looks more structured and better in terms of language.
Statement of purpose edited, January 2017

Great work, Emma :) Thanks a lot.. I am very happy with the essay.
Personal statement edited, January 2017

Thank you for sending me a wonderful job.
Essay rewritten, January 2017

Awesome job! It is excellent! Thank you very much! It's not the first time I use your company and definitely not the last one!
Essay rewritten, December 2016

I have checked the document and it is to my liking. Thanks a lot! Looking forward to working with you in the future! Regards, Vaibhav
Statement of purpose proofread, December 2016

This is awesome! Thank you very much for your work!
Essay edited, December 2016

To the team Vappingo, I certainly do not want to hire another company anymore. I am super happy and impressed with the quality of the service. Thank you very much!
Blog article edited, December 2016

Very good service,
Statement of purpose edited, December 2016

Thank you so much for completing my order. You did an excellent job (far beyond my expectations !) Best regards, Rick
Statement of purpose edited, December 2016

Thank you so much for your help! You are such an amazing website!
Research paper edited, December 2016

Thank you so much!!
Personal statement edited, December 2016

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your work on my essay.
Statement of purpose edited, December 2016

Very effective, definitely will be a customer again.
Academic documents edited, December 2016

Thank you so much! Just like last time I'm very satisfied with the results. I will not hesitate to contact vappingo next time!
Essay rewritten, December 2016

Very good! Like it a lot! Although I expected that the final version would be shorter than the original version. But not a problem. Still, it sounds awesome! Thank you very much!
Letter rewritten, December 2016

Great edit and perfect and quick reply to my revision request :)
Conference abstract edited, December 2016

Thanks for your patient editing. It's much better than the original one.
Term paper edited, December 2016

You did an amazing job!
Personal statement edited, December 2016

Lovely Edit Sarah. Thanks a ton :)
Personal statement edited, December 2016

Lovely :)
Personal statement edited, November 2016

Thank you so much for helping!!!! :)
Statement of purpose rewritten, November 2016

Thank you! I really appreciate your services.
Essay proofread, November 2016

Lovely Edit along with how can I improve my writing with additional info. The best service ever.
Personal statement edited, November 2016

Great work :) I am in love with your writing <3
Personal statement edited, November 2016

Love it. Great as usual! This is my 3rd time coming back! Very affordable and great service.
Essay edited, November 2016

Thanks a lot. Appreciate your help.
Resume edited, November 2016

Very satisfied! I have referred you to my friend too just now :)
Essay rewritten, November 2016

Thank you very much for working on this paper.
Essay edited, November 2016

Thanks a lot for the great editing :)
Admission essay edited, November 2016

Thanks so much! My essay is more succinct now. I really appreciate your help!
Essay edited, November 2016

I am very satisfied with the editing and I will surely use it again if I needed it. thank you so much for the help.
Statement of purpose edited, November 2016

Good work And re-drafting of distinctive Thanks to the editor.
CV rewritten, October 2016

Thank you very much for editing.
Statement of purpose edited, October 2016

Hi Sarah, I'm very happy with your work. I'm about to post a new work order and wanted to know if it's possible to "assign" it to you?
News articles rewritten, October 2016

Thank you very much. The service exceeded my expectations. I will 100% use your services again.
Essay proofread, October 2016

Amazing job. Thank you so much!!!
Cover letter edited, October 2016

Thank you for the impressive editing!
Cover letter rewritten, October 2016

Thank you so much for taking such great care of my writing. I will be using your service in the future and thoroughly enjoyed what how your edits highlighted my writing.
Statement of intent edited, October 2016

Essay abstract rewritten, October 2016

Thank you for the great work once again Emma, I really appreciate it! Furthermore, I think it is really kind of you to help me getting two versions of the document, a specific and a general. Regards, Frederik
Recommendation letter edited, October 2016

Very Satisfied. Thank you Emma :)
Admission essay edited, September 2016

Excellent work!
Job application cover letter edited, September 2016

Hi Emma, Thank you very much for good work! I am very satisfied and any other changes is not necessary. Best regards, Anders
eBook rewritten, August 2016

Great service and prompt reply Love it! Thanks, Emma
Reflection essay edited, August 2016

Thank you for the great help! I thought my English skills were relatively good, however, when I saw your corrections and the edited work, I have to say, it's amazing what you have done. You have really transformed my text. So, yes, you are definitely correct, proofreading isn't enough. So I am sorry that I chose proofreading, because next time it has to be editing.
Cover letter edited, August 2016

This is excellent. Cheers.
Essay edited, August 2016

I order all the time so I stopped leaving feedback. I wanted to say thank you this time though because you went far beyond what I hoped for. You never let me down.
Press release edited, August 2016

Hi, I/We are as usual very satisfied with the work and services! Best regards, Anders
Blog post rewritten, August 2016

Very satisfied. Again.
Essay edited, August 2016

Thanks so much. I love it.
Cover letter edited, August 2016

Dear Jane, Thank you so much for the incredible work done today.
Application letter edited, August 2016

You are awesome!
Fulbright application edited, July 2016

Thank you! I really liked the improvements.
Essay edited, July 2016

I am very satisfied and happy with your work and services.
eBook rewritten, July 2016

Exactly what I've been looking for Thank you so much will be using services in the near future.
Application letter edited, July 2016

It’s a really good job.
Essay edited, July 2016

Thanks a lot!!! It's great!
Presentation edited, July 2016

I am really happy.
Blog post edited, July 2016

Thanks for good service! I am very happy with your work, and I want that YOU to rewrite the rest of my work. Is it possible?
Book rewritten, July 2016

Thank you very much!
Survey edited, July 2016

Thanks a lot I really appreciate your hard work and the marvelous result that I have seen proves that you are such a professional team. Wish you all the best. I am going to deal with you again in the few coming days. Emma the writer did a wonderful job as well. I just want to ask her a favour please !! Can she send me the file without having the (speech bubble with her comment on the margin of the document) because i can't erase it from my laptop. Many thanks in advance.
Essay rewritten, July 2016

The service is absolutely fine.
Statement of purpose edited, June 2016

Dear Emma! You did great job! Thank you!
Website copy edited, June 2016

Great, great job. Thanks.
Teaching philosophy edited, June 2016

Hi, rewriting was done by you. It is good work. Thank you. Now I want to order your service on formatting.
Academic paper rewritten, June 2016

Thank you for always providing the best editing service around! Kit.
Application essay edited, June 2016

Thank you for editing my personal statements. I was extremely impress with the quality and turn-around-time of the revisions. I will definitely use this service again.
Personal statement edited, June 2016

Thank you so much. Very well rewritten.
Employee action plan rewritten, May 2016

Very satisfied. Thanks a lot for your feedback.
Essay edited, May 2016

Thank you very much for your excellent work. I was necessary to correct the references because they will be transferred into numbers by a Reference managing program. Anyway, thank you for considering them. Till next job!
Manuscript proofread, May 2016

I love your dedication and hard work in my paper. It sounds flawless! Please keep up the good work you are amazing!
Essay edited, May 2016

This is really excellent work. Thank you so much.
Employee handbook edited, May 2016

Great work-I am very happy- thanks and till part 3!
Blog post edited, May 2016

Great as usual. Thanks.
Essay edited, May 2016

Perfect. Thank you.
Essay edited, April 2016

Excellent. Thank you so much. Essay edited, April 2016

Thanks a lot for your help. It looks way better than before.
Resume edited, April 2016

Dear Emma, Thank you so much indeed for your help.
Essay edited, April 2016

Thank you so much again for great work. You can change the world by what you have in you! Regards, Farid
Product description rewritten, April 2016

Ello! Many thanks for your hard work! I'm extremely satisfied with the final result, is everything that I wanted and now the essay is better and can be read easier. I will surely contact vappingo in the future. Thank you again!
Essay edited, March 2016

Hello. Everything was great! Thank you so much for your help. Best, Orkideh.
Statement of purpose rewritten, March 2016

Thank you, I was very pleased with the results. As for SEO, I will have to wait to see if I remain on top of the SERP. SEO editing services, March 2016

Excellent job! Thanks. I will send you the rest of the article, once I have it written.
Rehab Manuscript rewritten, March 2016

I love your work! Thanks again!
Website content edited, March 2016

Good job, thank very much, I can't ask for more.
Letter of motivation edited, March 2016

Very satisfied. Thank you Emma.
Paragraph rewritten, March 2016

Thank you so much Vappingo. At first, I was full of doubt , but turns out I was wrong. The website does everything they promise to do . Amazing editing and great price comparing to other sites. I am an international student from Saudi Arabia, and I am very happy with the editing on my Statement of purpose. Good day.
Statement of purpose edited, March 2016

Thank you so much, it is correct.
Academic paper rewritten, February 2016

Perfect! Thank you so much!!!
Video content proofread, February 2016

Excellent work, thanks.
White paper edited, February 2016

Good job. Thanks for your advice.
Essay edited, February 2016

Thank you very much for your help so far, I enjoyed reading your notes and changes.
Application letter edited, February 2016

Thank you very much! I know that I have a lot to improve about my English.
Admission letter edited, February 2016

Thank you so much for your help. Would please suggest more alternatives for the thesis title. Thanks again.
Thesis edited, January 2016

Thank you for your hard work! – Larry
Press release edited, January 2016

Thank you. Sounds perfect! Thank you so much!!! Done!! I really appreciate your assistance and your patience.
Website copy proofread, January 2016

“Thank you once again :) Happy New Year!”
Conference abstract edited, January 2016

“Thank you so much!”
Statement of purpose edited, January 2016

“Very satisfied. It’s great!”
Statement of purpose edited, January 2016

“This is great. Many thanks. Happy New Year!”
Letter of complaint edited, December 2015

“As always, great job. Thanks.”
Proposal edited, December 2015

“I think my statement became easier to understand and much nicer.”
Statement of purpose edited, December 2015

“Excellent and thank you very much.”
Pharmaceutical paper edited, December 2015

“Thank you for your excellent work. Best wishes, Bahar”
Essay proofread, December 2015

“Thank you - for the great edit and the nice words :)”
Grant application edited, November 2015

“Thank you!!!!”
Email edited, November 2015

“I love my editor. I will use this service all the time.”
Article critique rewritten, November 2015

“You have done a great job! Thank you very much!”
Statement of purpose edited, November 2015

“Emma, Thanks again, excellent. Elmer.”
Essay edited, November 2015

“Now that was super quick, thank you :)”
Student worksheet edited, November 2015

“Perfect! Thank you. Best, Hannah.”
Email edited, November 2015

“Thank you very much for your prompt action!”
Letter edited, November 2015

“Very responsive! I appreciate your patience! Thank you very much.”
Essay edited, November 2015

“Thanks again for a fantastic job.”
Website copy rewritten, November 2015

“Many thanks for your attention and kindness.”
Statement of purpose edited, October 2015

“Good job. Thanks.”
Website content rewritten, October 2015

“Hello, thank you for your great job! I would like to work with you in a long-term basis. How I can require you in the future?”
Essay rewritten, October 2015

“This is so awesome. thank you. ♥”
Essay edited, October 2015

“Thank you for the good work.”
College essay edited, October 2015

“As always, great job. Thanks.”
Blog article edited, September 2015

“Great! thanks for the hard work!”
Product instructions edited, September 2015

“It was great. Thank you so much.”
Statement of purpose edited, September 2015

“Emma, Thank you very much. Once again, excellent job.”
Essay edited, September 2015

“Thank you again and God bless you!”
Competition entry edited, September 2015

“Hello Emma. Thank you with your help. I apologize that the paper contents a lot of long direct quotations. To be honest, I have difficulty in paraphrasing Medical terms as you notice in my paper, which is a non-intentional. I really consider your suggestions. Once again, great job.”
Essay edited, September 2015

“Good morning, thanks for your help. Excellent!”
Essay edited, September 2015

“I'm very much satisfied with your service. Thank you for your support as always.”
Translation proofread, September 2015

“So helpful, thanks so much.”
Translation proofread, September 2015

“This was exactly what we wanted and needed. Thank you!”
Website content edited, September 2015

“Thank you! I love your editting work!”
University application edited, September 2015

“Another good job. Thanks.”
Job post rewritten, September 2015.

“Thank you very much. Excellent work.”
Brochure edited, September 2015.

“Emma is always thorough and I'm very happy with her service! I'll definitely use your services again in the future.”
Translation proofread, September 2015.

“You work is great.”
Website content proofread, September 2015.

“Your words are absolutely amazing… Your writing is so perfect that I am kind of scared to touch it and make it defective.”
Statement of purpose edited, September 2015

“Hello! Thank you very much for your help! Your work is very good, I truly appreciate it! It really helped me a lot to make my list look nice and easy-to-read. BTW, I received my work on several hours earlier, so again thank you for good service and nice work! Cheers!”
Essay proofread, September 2015

“Thank you very much!! I will be sending you more essays soon.” University admission essay edited,
September 2015

“Hello, Thank you very much for your work!”
Statement of purpose edited, September 2015

"You show extra-ordinary skill and insight in capturing my thoughts and feelings. Heartfelt thanks."
Personal story rewritten, September 2015

"Excellent job. Kudos! Elmer"
Essay edited, August 2015

"I really like your editing. Thank you for your support."
Translation edited, August 2015

"Thank you very much! I was very impressed by your quick and professional work."
Translation edited, August 2015

"Thank you for your great help and useful advice!!"
Cover letter edited, August 2015

"Are you kidding me! This was fantastic. Thank you Emma."
Statement of purpose edited, August 2015

"Looks much better now. Thanks."
CV edited, August 2015

"Excellent. Many thanks!"
Company newsletter proofread, August 2015

"A BIG thanks. The editor nailed my document. An excellent job."
Biography edited, August 2015

"Thank you so much for everything and all the suggestions - you did a great job."
Essay edited, August 2015

"I think this is now perfect :)"
Job application edited, August 2015

"Excellent feedback and editing. Thank you very much."
Essay edited, August 2015

"I have, by the way, often had the Vappingo team edit stuff for my job applications. And I have now finally started on a permanent contract - so I think I really have to say thank you to the wonderful Vappingo editors as well! Thank you!"
Letter edited, August 2015

"Excellent service, definitely I will use your service again and again. Highly recommended with 5 stars. Kudos to you and your team. Thank you very much for your help."
Essay edited, August 2015

"Great work. Thanks again."
Story rewritten, August 2015

"Perfect job, thank you so much. Claus."
Business report edited, July 2015

"Excellent work, your changes improved the text a lot. Thank you very much."
Website content edited, July 2015

Very satisfied. Thank you!
University application edited, July 2015

"You have done a fantastic job! My daughter and I are impressed with the results. A super happy customer! Fernando de la Flor"
MBA essay edited, July 2015

"Thank you so much for helping me out. Clearly there is a huge difference from the previous resume. Thank you so much ma'am."
Resume edited, July 2015

"Thank you so much for your explanation! Very kind of you."
Product packaging edited, July 2015

"Great work. Thank you so much. I certainly will be using this service again."
Web content rewritten, July 2015

"Thank you! Great!"
Presentation edited, July 2015

"I was extremely satisfied with my editor. She was great. I appreciated the feedback and made the revisions she suggested so I answered the assignment properly. Extremely satisfied with this service and will use this service for all my assignments as a student. Thanks again."
Essay rewritten, July 2015

"Thank you again for a fantastic job."
Marketing material rewritten, June 2015

"I'm very happy with the completed order. I intend to send you some more work. Will I be able to use the same writer in the future?"
Essay rewritten, June 2015

"I love your work. Thanks a ton for your help. XOXO"
Statement of purpose edited, June 2015

"Very satisfied. Thank you very much, Best Wishes, Bahar."
Academic paper rewritten, June 2015

Blog content rewritten, June 2015

“Once again, you provided fantastic service. Thank you!”
Regulation documentation documented, May 2015

“Thank you! Outstanding work, a job well done!
Novel extract edited, May 2015

“Good job!!! Thanks for the help in bringing out the best in my essay.”
Statement of interest edited, May 2015

“I am very satisfied with the careful editing.”
Essay edited, May 2015

“Thank you for the great work and the nice comment as well :)”
Presentation edited, May 2015

“I will certainly go back next time I need any kind of writing done.”
Blog content rewritten, May 2015

“GREAT WORK on the last document! AMAZING!”
Essay rewritten, May 2015

“Good work. Thank you for your help.”
Appeal letter rewritten, May 2015

“Many thanks. I will get back to you with questions if I have any.”
Essay edited, May 2015

“Excellent work. Thank you.”
Press releases edited, May 2015

“Thank you so much & your edits were so very helpful. We learned a lot in the process too. :*)”
Essay edited, April 2015

Excellent work. Many thanks.
Press release proofread, April 2015

Thanks Emma. Good job. Robert Scheiner.
Website copy edited, April 2015

Very satisfied. Thanks, that was very helpful Cheers, Jorn.
Essay edited, March 2015

Thank you Vappingo. You're the greatest. It's perfect.
Business plan rewritten, March 2015

Your work went well beyond my expectations. I am very pleased.
Essay edited, March 2015

I am very impressed thank you.
Letter edited, March 2015

As always, Emma provided outstanding service. Thank you Emma!
Email rewritten, March 2015

Thanks. Much appreciated. I look forward to using your services in the future.
Essay edited, March 2015

I was skeptical about big company editing service online. But the edited job was actually beyond of my expectation!! 10 out 10, thank you so much for your help
Essay edited, March 2015

Excellent edition. Thanks!
Critical review edited, March 2015

Thank you Emma for your outstanding work...again!
Obituary edited, February 2015

Excellent. Many thanks :)
Article edited, February 2015

Thank you. I like it a lot.
Personal statement edited, February 2015

Very good editorial job and good lesson for me. Any misunderstandings are my fault - luck of clarity. I am definitely going to use Vappingo in the future.
Website content edited, February 2015

Hello Dear Emma, Thanks for the great work and all your help.
Manuscript edited, January 2015

Thanks. I like your editing a lot.
Personal statement edited, January 2015

Very satisfied. Thanks John.
Statement of purpose edited, January 2015

Dear Sir/Madam. I really appreciated you help. Thank you very much for your good service. Regards, Dr. Hakan
Medical journal article rewritten, January 2015

EXCELLENT! INCREDIBLE!!!! These are the best 60$ I have invested in my life :)! Really EXCELLENT rewritting! Lovely!!!!!! THANKS A LOT EMMA!!!
Statement of purpose rewritten, January 2015

I really liked Vappingo. I will definitely recommend it to all my friends!! Thanks for your support this stressed days...
Statement of purpose edited, January 2015

Textbook content rewritten, January 2015

Highly pleased. I'll use again the service.
Thesis abstract rewritten, January 2015

Wow! thank you for the rewrite and comments. Extremely helpful.
Accounting exercises rewritten, January 2015

Thanks a lot Emma!! I am very happy with the changes. Now I am going to sleep but tomorrow I will have a deeper look. I will submit you the rest of my essays :)
Statement of purpose edited, January 2015

Thank you for helping me presenting the truth about my life.
Autobiography rewritten, January 2015

Thank you. I really like the final outcome, it is more than I expected. I am also very happy with the time of delivery of the document. I would recomend it to other persons.
Statement of purpose edited, December 2014

Your service is very professional. Thank you very much.
Academic recommendation letter edited, December 2014

Dear Editor, Yes, I am going to use this service for all my future claims. This was a sample submission. Appreciate if the cost can be minimal.
Personal development report proofread, December 2014

I am really happy with the write-up. It has been able to convey what I intended to more efficiently. Thank you.
Statement of purpose rewritten, December 2014

Very satisfied. Great thanks.
Book except edited, December 2014.

Very satisfied. Thank you so much.
Personal statement edited, December 2014

Thank you Emma, you have done a fantastic job. If I have any question I will let you know.
Book chapter rewritten, December 2014

Thank you, you have done a great job. I am very pleased.
Book edited, December 2014

Emma was very helpful and I am satisfied with her work. Response is in time and with quality. Hopefully I could get the result I'd like with our hard work.
Personal statement rewritten, November 2014

Thank you very much. It's well done! I'll use these services again in the future.
Recommendation letter rewritten, November 2014

I am really grateful to the Vappingo team for the support and a special thanks to Emma. -Poorna.
Statement of purpose edited, November 2014

Fabulous! Thank you.
Class description edited, October 2014

Thanks Emma for the great (and incredibly fast) work. I'm very happy! Have a nice day, Tomasz
Episode guide edited, September 2014

Very satisfied. Thank you so much. Could you please also send me the tracked version? Thanks a lot.
Thesis edited, August 2014

Job description rewritten, August 2014

Great! It's perfect. Thanks a lot Sarah and have a great day, best.
Script edited, August 2014

Statement of purpose edited, August 2014

Thanks so much for your input. It really tied together my ideas. I could not be happier. Thanks a million. :-)
Employee performance appraisal edited, August 2014

Simply Magnificent.
Admission essay edited, August 2014

Dear Emma, I am so sorry for getting back but the difference in time causes this delay. I can tell you what you have done to my paper is the best service I have ever had. Your work is beyond my expectation. I will definitely come back to Vappingo and for Emma precisely. Best Regards.
Essay edited, August 2014

Hello, This is great! Thank you for your awesome work on the draft letter!!
Recommendation letter edited, August 2014

The quality of work received was great. Thanks.
Statement of purpose edited, July 2014

“Thanks, Great editing!”
Resume edited, July 2014

“Thank you. Great job.”
Letter rewritten, July 2014

“Great edits, quick turn around, and easy to order.”
Personal statement edited, June 2014

“Very satisfied. Thanks.”
Academic document rewritten, June 2014

“Dear Sarah, thank you very much for your fantastic work! I love it! Have a great weekend, Tomasz.”
Job application letter edited, May 2014

“Very satisfied. Thanks so much.”
Personal statement edited, May 2014

“Thanks a lot for the help and I gave you 100 stars rating for your work! Thanks again.”
Essay edited, May 2014

“Thank you for your advice. We appreciate it very much. Sincerely, Isamu Tomoshige.”
Scripts edited, May 2014

“Great editing, thank you very much!”
Business presentation edited, April 2014

“Thank you very much.”
Essay edited, April 2014

“I am very happy with the whole process and the end product was perfect. I will be using your services again.”
Research essay proofread, April 2014

“Thank you very much for your thoughtful and precise correction and editing. Great service!”
Abstract proofread, April 2014

“Great work as always :-)”
Book cover letter edited, March 2014

I like the finished product! Thank you :)
Business prospectus edited, February 2014

Great work - all looks fantastic to me :-)
Translated subtitles edited, February 2014

Very satisfied. Thanks Emma.
Blog post edited, February 2014

Thanks Sarah! I'm glad you like it.
Blog post edited, January 2014

I read the edited doc once. It looks fine :-) Thank you very much.
Statement of purpose edited, January 2014

Thanks Emma, you've helped me a lot! Great work! All the best,
Commercial presentation edited, January 2014

Outstanding service. Vappingo always comes through for me. Thanks Emma!
Obituary edited, December 2013

Thank you for your quick response to the revision request. It's perfect. Have a nice weekend. --Susumu
Blog post edited, December 2013

It looks very good. Thank you for great job.
Website copy edited, November 2013

Thank you Emma. Great job.
Article rewritten, November 2013

Top notch as always!
Newsletter edited, November 2013

Thanks! It reads better, and more coherent. Thank you.
Statement of purpose edited, October 2013

Thank you for your excellent work! With best wishes, M.
Personal statement rewritten, October 2013

I was afraid of trying this out at first, so I sent my old piece of artist statement which was already proof read. After getting my completed order, I was very much satisfied with the result.
Artist statement edited, September 2013

WOW! That is all I can say. You were able to change the entire flow of the essay without harming the material. Now it looks like a personal statement for law school. Before it sounded as if I wanted a career in teaching. Thank you so much for your help… You did an amazing job! I have more confidence now with the newly revised paper. My fingers are crossed. Thanks a bunch! =)
Personal statement rewritten, September 2013

Thanks a ton!!!!!
Dissertation proofread, September 2013

Thank you for your on-time service. It is impressive: D
Thesis edited, September 2013

Great job. Thank you.
Essay edited, September 2013

Awesome, thanks. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and I myself will come back.
Career summary edited, August 2013

The work is great and also writer is very professional and enthusiastic! Very good!
Dissertation edited, August 2013

Thank you for your on-time service. It is impressive: D
Thesis edited, August 2013

Thank you very much for your excellent work!
Masters thesis edited, July 2013

Yes, it’s pretty impressive
Business sales letter edited, July 2013

Very satisfied
Essay edited, July 2013

Thank you, its great
Journal entry edited, July 2013

Thanks, fantastic work.
Essay edited, July 2013

Thanks for your support guys. Really doing a good work here.
Web content edited, July 2013

Thank you very much, the text sounds so much better now.
Thesis edited, July 2013

Thanks again Emma. Great job.
Literature review edited, July 2013

Thank you so much for your help. Great job
Essay edited, July 2013

I love the changes you have made. Thanks
Application letter edited, June 2013
I noticed that I do not use the past tense correctly (took has taken, became, has become). I have to review verb tenses asap. And wording is often wrong. Capitalization is also an issue. Well, I should not be discouraged; work lies ahead. I am though glad that I take the step to seek help because it makes me be aware of the kind of mistakes I am currently making, in fact way too many.
Academic abstract edited, June 2013

Thanks again. You make a big difference to my work.
Essay edited, June 2013

I don't know what I would do without this service!
Website content edited, June 2013

Thank you so much. I will definitely use your service again and I already recommend this page to my friends. Thanks Nourah
Statement of purpose rewritten, June 2013

Thanks for your changes I really liked it.
Personal statement edited, May 2013

Very satisfied. Thank you very much for your help.
Academic paper edited, May 2013

Thanks Emma!
Website copy rewritten, May 2013

Very satisfied. Good job!
Academic paper edited, May 2013

This is my sixth time using your service, always very satisfied.
Academic paper proofread, May 2013

The revisions are amazing! I absolutely love the changes. May I ask who my editor was? He/she is awesome!!!
Statement of purpose edited, May 2013

I was very pleased, and will use this site again. I was exceptionally happy with the turn over time.
Academic paper proofread, April 2013

The best proofreading I've ever had.
Informal letter proofread, April 2013

Very pleased. Thank you.
Business sales letter rewritten, April 2013

Many thanks Emma. You've been super helpful. As always.
Personal statement edited, April 2013

Emma's edits were very helpful. Thanks!!!
Blog posts proofread, April 2013

Very good work
Meeting minutes proofread, March 2013

Thank you for your help and helping me make sure it was organized
Essay edited, March 2013

Wow! This is the second time I placed an order my writing. Though there was a process I should send a right format of the paper again, I'm glad I found this site and can get brilliant editing by few clicks. The prompt feedback and support also give me feeling that it's dependable for my bigger paper, thesis, too. Thank you so much!!
Essay edited, March 2013

You are always a great deal of help. Keep up the good work. Thank you! Christina Giaquinto.
Business proposal proofread, March 2013

I love your service! Keep with the good job!
Website content edited, February 2013

Great stuff!
Statement of purpose edited, February 2013

Thanks for the proofreading, Emma! I really appreciate that!
Statement of purpose edited, February 2013

Worth every penny! My editor did much more than I anticipated. Thanks Emma!!!
Statement of purpose edited, February 2013

Great work, thank you!
Website content edited, February 2013

Thank you for your hard work on time. Really appreciate it. Thank you again.
Statement of purpose rewritten, January 2013

Thank you very much for this revision.
Statement of purpose rewritten, January 2013

Thank you once again!
Website content edited, January 2013

Great work, will definitely use again! Soon!
Business letter edited, January 2013

Thank you so much for the great work :)
Application letter edited, January 2013

Thank you very much for the great work and very fast service.
MBA essay edited, January 2013

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