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Our online proofreading and editing services replace the high cost and bureaucracy of traditional editorial and freelance agencies with a faster, smarter way to order editing and proofreading services. Just order what you need. No minimum order. No hidden fees. No commitment. No risk.



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Content revisions & suggestions
Improvements to flow, readability and language
Clarity revisions & suggestions
Ensure content is logical, transitions are clear and arguments are relevant
Ensure the tone is appropriate to the audience
Rewriting text so that meaning remains the same

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• No waiting around for quotations
• No minimum order
• No hidden fees
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How do we do it?

All of our online proofreaders and editors operate virtually, meaning that we have access to a vast pool of talent while keeping our costs to a minimum. We take the best proofreaders and editors from around the world in order to ensure that we have experts for all situations, from dissertation editing through to business editing. All of our writers have a degree in their subject of expertise, some even have master's and PhDs. Gurus, Word Therapists, Dialect Dons, call them what you want; we use the fact they’re so good to make you look even better. Try Vappingo today, you'll soon see that we really are an online editing and proofreading agency with a difference!

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