29 Expert Tips on Writing Website Copy That Gets Real Results

Online articles for online businessesWriting website copy involves a number of major skills. You need to understand the psychology of your target customers and have the writing ability to appeal to that psychology, you need to be able to answer all your customer’s questions and present your site in a method that is easy to understand and intuitive, and you need to interest and engage visitors to your site, all while simultaneously presenting your copy in a manner that appeals to the search engines. It is no mean feat!

This week we asked a group of 29 seasoned experts what their top tips were for writing website copy that gets real results. We asked:

What’s your top tip for writing copy that talks to your site visitor and gets the results you are looking for?

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Free SEO Template and Checklist


Picture of the Free SEO TemplateIf you need a little help to get your head around search engine optimization (SEO) and writing copy that meets Google’s requirements, our free SEO template is exactly what you need.

Let’s get one thing straight right from the start: writing search engine optimized copy is NOT rocket science. While you may come across many companies promising to use their secret knowledge of the Google ranking algorithms to make your rankings soar, the basic truth is that writing website copy that appeals to the search engines and meets their criteria is actually very simple. So simple, in fact, that we have broken down all the steps in order to produce a free SEO template and checklist that can guide you through the process of optimizing a page on your site. Click on the link below to download it.

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10 Methods to Improve Indexing For Your Website

website editing to improve indexingImprove indexing rates for your site by following our hints and tips for improving your attractiveness to search engines like Google.

How to Improve Indexing

One of the most popular discussions that you will see in the Google forums revolve around indexing and many people complain that their new content isn’t appearing online.  It would be ideal if Google visited your site on a daily basis and content was instantly available in search engine rankings, but this will only ever happen if, and when, Google recognizes how great your site it.

While you cannot forcibly improve indexing and Google’s crawl rate, there are some things you can do to get Google to visit your site more often.  Before you look at the steps I have outlined below, make sure your site is actually indexed by Google.  If not, you’ll need to visit Google and add it.

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Can Not or Cannot

Failing to proofread essay leads to a confused teacherNumerous articles on the Internet attempt to answer the question of whether you should use can not or cannot in your written English and many sources claim that the two are interchangeable and mean exactly the same.

It appears that even the Washington State University language site supports this view. When discussing whether you can use can not or cannot interchangeably they state:

“These two spellings are largely interchangeable.”

Now I am going to do something crazy and disagree with the Washington State University: you should never use Can not or cannot interchangeably because they mean two completely different things.

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Writing Amazing Introductory Sales Letters. 20 Tips Direct From the Experts.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Picture of a man struggling to write a sales letterHow do you initiate conversation with someone new at a party?

If you are ultra confident, you may just wade straight in there, patting your target on the back and telling them in no uncertain terms why they need to know you. However, quite often the most effective way is to simply hold out your hand and quietly introduce yourself.

The same analogy is just as relevant when introducing yourselves to your customers. Introductory sales letters offer you an important opportunity to present your products or services to your target customers and tell them what your business can do for them. Introductory sales letters often constitute your best opportunity to make a great first impression and it is crucial that you get them right.

Last week I asked 20 business experts to share their opinions on what constitutes great sales letters. I asked:

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Idiomatic Phrases in English: 19 of The Best

According to the Free Dictionary, there are an estimated 25000 idiomatic phrases in English (idioms). Although we don’t have time to cover them all, we’ve handpicked a selection of some of the most common idioms you will hear from English speakers. To help you to get to grips with these strange idiomatic phrases, we have tried to provide some of the background histories to them, explaining their origins and what they actually mean.


a piece of cake / easy as pie

Picture shows a piece of cakeFig. an activity or task that is very easy to complete successfully.

If something is referred to as being a piece of cake or easy as pie, it is very easy to accomplish.

Both phrases originate in America in the 19th Century. During this time cake and pie were synonymous with ease, and eating them was associated with a pleasant experience.

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What are Abstract Nouns?

Abstract nouns are nouns that name a person, place or thing that you cannot detect using any of the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch or taste. In other words, abstract nouns refer to something that it is completely impossible to interact with. More commonly they are used to describe emotions or ideas.

The angry bird loved breaking through stuff. It filled him with pride to see disaster in his wake.

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What are Concrete Nouns?

Concrete nouns are naming words that are used for something that you can physically touch, see, smell, hear or taste. In other words, they are physical things that can be perceived by at least one of the senses.

If you can experience something using at least one of your senses, then it is a concrete noun.

The ugly troll simply loved the taste of snot. Unfortunately, his love of snot had severely impacted his love life.

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5 Reasons why you Should use a Document Editor Today

When you are writing or publishing an important document, you should never underestimate the importance of having your written English checked by a professional proofreading agency. Here are five reasons why you should use a document editor from Vappingo to perfect your written English documents:

English expert document editors
1)  Our Professional document editors are English experts.
Our editors know the English language inside out and will analyze your written English using over 160 English grammar rules. However, unlike automatic grammar checking software and websites, our document editors won’t simply point out the mistake and make suggestions for how you can fix it, they will actually fix it for you, saving you the major headache and confusion of deciphering complex English rules.

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10 Ways to Increase Your Alexa Rank in Less Than a Week

Alexa rank is quite often overlooked in people’s quest to top Google’s rankings. While it has very little association with Google and SEO, it is a crucial measurement for site monetization and anyone who wishes to advertise on their site really does need to know what the Alexa rank is and how their site can …

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